Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) was established under the Student Association in 2007. The primary make up of the committee are students, but there is also widespread representation from across campus of faculty and staff, including the Chief Sustainability Officer of UW-Milwaukee. ESC is also an assembly of representation from several student organizations that address an environment concern on campus.

The goals of the collaboration of different parties in ESC are to:

  • Assess policies, practices, and procedures that will make UWM a more sustainable campus.
  • Provide a platform to share information about projects and events that are going on around campus regarding sustainability.

Join the ESC

Students are officially appointed through the Student Association

Those interested faculty and staff please contact:
Chair: Glen Fredlund- fredlund@uwm.edu
Chief Sustainability Officer : Kate Nelson- knelson6@uwm.edu

Next Meeting

March 25th Union room 260
April 8th Union room 260
April 22nd Union room 260
May 6th Union room 260