If you are looking to properly dispose of any item, find ways to “green” your office, or find out how to get more involved on campus, see the sections below.


Going Green @ UWM: What Can You Do?


Student interest in sustainability is always important to making things move forward. Students in any area of study are encouraged to get involved. 

  • Enroll in a student group
  • Join the Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • Participate in RecycleMania-contact
  • Attend a Share the Earth feature film for free in the Union Theatre
  • Ride a bike or bus to class
  • Use a reusable coffee mug or water bottle instead of disposable ones: you'll help the planet and get a discount at The Grind
  • Recycle all you can. Put all plastics, cans, and glass bottles in the Co-mingle recycling
  • Always print double sided, and recycle or reuse extra paper
  • Go meatless! There are many vegetarian options in the Union


Staff & Faculty

The dedication and time spent by faculty and staff on campus has an ever growing impact on sustainability here at UWM. There are many opportunities for faculty and staff, including:

  • Starting a "Green Team" in your department. Many have already been created, including the Children’s Center, the School of Continuing Education, Great Lakes WATER Institute, and many others
  • Participate in the Environmental Sustainability Committee to voice your concerns and idea about sustainability at UWM
  • Bring Green to Your Work
  • Car pool, use alternative transportation, bike, or even walk to work. The Employee Commuter Value Pass is available for discounted rides on all MCTS bus routes.
  • Use a power strip in your office. Simply turn just one switch at the end of the day, or at least at the end of the week, in order to save big on energy and $.
  • Unplug cell phone chargers when not in use. These waste energy even when not being used
  • Always print double sided, and recycle or reuse extra paper. Track your department’s paper purchase, implement new direction in your office, and see if your costs go down.
  • When remodeling, surplus unused items, recycle old carpet, and install energy efficient computers and equipment.


Off-Campus Resources and Volunteer Opportunities


Questions on how to go Green?

Contact Kate Nelson, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at