UWM Sustainability Fund

It is important to engage all stakeholders of the UWM community when it comes to sustainability. Every student, faculty, and staff should have a way to become a part of the changes happening around campus. It is one thing to put a solar panel up that is funded by an outside resource, but it entirely different for a student to be able to say, “I did that. I was a part of that change”

The Sustainability Fund offers the UWM community a way to connect with their surroundings. Their efforts, and dollars, can amount to something real that will benefit the entire campus.

The Sustainability Fund is managed through the UWM Foundation with primary purpose of supporting projects to make UWM a more environmentally sustainable community. Such projects might include, but are not limited to,  harnessing renewable energies, improving recycling, managing storm water, or improving the energy efficiency of campus buildings.

Make a Gift

Donate anytime online. Note: Indicate “UWM Sustainability Fund” on the online form under “Additional Designation Instructions” and/or by “Special Instructions”


UWM Gives to UWM Campaign

The UWM Foundation runs a campaign every spring where faculty and staff can donate right from paycheck withdrawals. Simply indicate UWM Sustainability Fund for any amount you’d like to give.


As a student you can also give, or lobby your student government to allocate student segregated fees to the fund. Many Universities across the nation build a fund such as this, primarily with student support.