Environmental Project Log: Kenilworth DFD #002B2Q

Kenilworth Building
Building #1914
1925 E. Kenilworth Place
2133 N. Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Built: 1914 by Ford Motor Company
Addition: 1945 (west portion)
State Acquired: 1970
Partial Renovation: 1975
Space: 490,502 gsf, 371,872 asf
Six stories plus basement
Kenilworth Building

Kenilworth Building Image at left is the pre-abatement inspection of containment on April 11, 2002. This project involves the abatement and demolition of the furnace in rooms B57, 171 and 272.

This project will abate all asbestos-containing material and dispose of non-asbestos debris in Kenilworth B57/171/272 (old southwest boiler room) prior to repair of the deteriorated plant chimney. This furnace room was abandoned in 1983 after a gas explosion. Some abatement was performed at that time; however, significant asbestos containing material remained.

Now, masonry personnel require access to sides of the chimney and its foundation for repair and tuck pointing, therefore, asbestos contamination must be removed from the area beforehand.

Kenilworth Building View of boiler drum on April 11, 2002.

Kenilworth Building View of the boiler drum and tubes from the mezzanine level, after demolition of outer skin and initial abatement of insulation on the drum, April 17, 2002.

Kenilworth Building View of boiler drum on April 17, 2002. Note the refractory brick and insulation material. Abatement is ongoing with demolition.

Kenilworth Building View of front furnace wall on April 17, 2002.

Kenilworth Building View of boiler tubes and rear wall refractory brick and insulation on April 17, 2002.

Kenilworth Building View of waste bags on April 11, 2002. Other demolition metal is being cleaned and recycled.

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Photos by rjg.
Building history from: the Kenilworth Building-Short History and Building Condition (1982), and UWM Buildings: Some Pertinent Facts, 2nd Edition (1977), and from University Safety & Assurances project management records.

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