Environmental Project Log: Kenilworth DFD #002B2Q

Status on May 23, 2002, after final cleaning, visual inspection and clearance air test.

Kenilworth Building View of ash pits (unguarded floor hazard) and unguarded opening to basement (right of stairs). These hazards must be abated before this area is re-occupied.
Kenilworth Building Kenilworth Building

Kenilworth Building Mezzanine requires guardrail modification before area may be reoccupied.

Project status as of May 24, 2002:

  • The containment received final cleaning and powerwashing the week of May 20th.
  • Visual and clearance air monitoring performed by Skyline Industrial Safety and Occupational Health (5/24/2002). Test results were less than 0.002 f/cc (i.e., passed).
  • Some minor work still required, including demolition of metal stud/sheetrock wall (by abatement company), as well as guardrail/fall protection modifications to this area (by PPS).
  • The stack must still be inspected by Mark Kazmierski; the ash-cleanout was the responsibility of the abatement company.

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