Environmental Survey: Student Union

UWM Student Union
Building #1980
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1956 (Phase I)
Built: 1963 (Phase II)
Built: 1972 (Phase III)
Built: 1988 (Phase IV)
Space: 489,846 gsf
Four stories plus basement and penthouses
Original Cost: $
UWM Student Union


  • This section still under development.
  • In addition to UWM information, please see the DOA-DSF Wisconsin Asbestos / Lead Management System (WALMS) for the room-by-room inspection of the Student Union and the Union Parking Garage (December 2002).
  • Based on the year of construction (1988), we assume Phase IV is an asbestos-free area.
  • Please assume that all fittings on thermal system insulation (TSI) in Phase I and II as ACM. Some layered straight section insulation in Phase I is ACM; otherwise, straight sections of TSI pipe insulation are fiberglass or Armaflex. TSI in Phase III may or may not be ACM (i.e., samples are required before disturbance). Phase IV is asbestos-free TSI.
  • Extensive sampling in the parking structure revealed both asbestos and asbestos-free insulation application on the various mechanical systems. As of May 2000, all severely damaged insulation was sampled and was either repaired or is asbestos-free. Much of the snow melting system was removed May 2000, however some ACM fittings may still exist on parts of the system.
    Summary: Contact Physical Plant Services for confirmation before any repair or maintenance on insulated mechanical systems in the parking structure.
  • WB6 will be asbestos-free by December 1999.
  • Acoustical plaster in W150 is ACM (see photos and additional information below).
  • Building specifications for Phase I reportedly called for spray-on insulation on structural steel. We have not investigated or located application of this material. Please call Physical Plant Services for investigation and analysis if this material is discovered.
  • Please assume original nine and twelve-inch floor tile and mastic in Phase I, II, and III as VAT. Replacement twelve-inch tile may or may not be VAT (i.e., sample before any disturbance).
  • Doors, particularly doors of Phase I, may have an asbestos core.
  • Please see the Union Environmental Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see PPS Page on DSF #03D2B Student Union Fireside Lounge & Kitchen Renovation.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information.

Occupational Safety/Environmental Health:

  • See maintenance and custodial supervisors for safety policies and procedures.
  • The EG elevator shafts were cleaned of oil-contaminated soil in 2000.

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