Environmental Survey: Union Fireside Lounge / Kitchen

UWM Student Union
Building #1980
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1956 (Phase I)
Built: 1963 (Phase II)
Built: 1972 (Phase III)
Built: 1988 (Phase IV)
Space: 489,846 gsf
Four stories plus basement and penthouses
Original Cost: $
UWM Student Union

Campus Facilities Planning Index Page #03D2B

Per the design specifications, all known asbestos-containing material (ACM) will be removed from the construction zone by the Owner under a seperate contract. Some work will be completed prior to the start of the work of the Contract.

The following will be removed by the Owner following general demolition of the ceilings in the noted areas:

  • mastic below vinyl floor and duct insulation above ceiling in room W100B hallway
  • same for W150A meeting room
  • same for W100T and W100W

Removal of asbestos flooring, trim accessories, wall base and related mastic will be completed by the owner:

  • WG01T stair landing
  • WG71A storage
  • W100B hallway (west, north and east halls outside of W140)
  • W100T / W100W stair and landings
  • W158 meeting room

Existing asbestos plaster ceiling and all supports will be removed by owner. Existing layin ceiling, ceiling tiles, HVAC diffussers, light fixtures, etc. and existing plaster ceiling (located above layin ceiling) and all supports will be removed by owner:

  • W140 fireside lounge
  • W154 storage room

Room W150:

The textured acoustical plaster pressed into wire lathe in W150 is up to 20% chrysotile asbestos (see samples #81201K46 and K48). This brown-coat plaster is covered with soft, fluffy asbestos-free spray-on insulation. The suspended ceiling tile is also asbestos-free. Please use caution when removing ceiling tile, since there may be plaster debris on the top surface of the tile. This debris is from where penetrations have been made in the brown-coat.


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