Environmental Project Log: Student Union

UWM Student Union
Building #1980
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1956 (Phase I)
Built: 1963 (Phase II)
Built: 1972 (Phase III)
Built: 1988 (Phase IV)
Space: 489,846 gsf
Four stories plus basement and penthouses
Original Cost: $
UWM Student Union
  • Log started July 2001.
  • December 1992: floor tile and mastic removed from W150 at bowling lanes.
  • January 1993: carpet, floor tile and mastic removed from Fireside Lounge.
  • Rooms WB26 (Gasthaus) and WB38 abated during 2000 (?) renovation; with the exception of some remaining floor tile mastic, rooms are ACM-free.
  • Thermal system insulation (TSI) in WB01A and EB01A was patched and repaired during ceiling tile replacement, May 2001. Floor tile in both hallways removed in late 1990s; check building file in regard to whether mastic was replaced.
  • Room W194 surveyed for ACM application, June 2001.
  • Exposure assessment for solvents performed during parking garage surface membrane application (Summer 2001).
  • DFD #00F5R Spaights Plaza Renovation (Summer 2002): No ACM disturbance is anticipated for this project.
  • DFD #00E1Q Union Ballroom Renovation (Spring/Summer 2002):
    • See DFD Project 00E1Q Student Union Ballroom Renovation for additional information.

    • Project involves the renovation of the interior spaces of W195/W195B (Ballroom), W191 (Milwaukee Room), W192 and W194 (servery area), west stairwell(W100T), W125A, W111, W111C, W125, W129, W129A, W131, W133, W137, W139, W295.
    • The following materials are identified as ACM:
      • Floor tile and mastic in Ballroom, Milwaukee Room, W129/W129A and W100T (west stairwell)

      • Tar paper over fiberglass duct above room 100A; the duct insulation with tar paper in W295 is negative; the duct in 100A may not be impacted.
      • Thermal system insulation (TSI) mudded fittings and any block pipe supports at hangers/saddles (assume all mudded fittings as ACM).
      • Roof drain packing and pipe insulation associated with roof drains (Air Cell insulation).
      • Skim coat over old pipe fittings (assume all non-PVC fittings as ACM).
    • Room W150 (Fireside Lounge) adjacent to the construction area has an ACM acoustical plaster (the original layer, not the fluffy spray-on). This does not appear to be impacted by this project.
    • The primary scope of work will include abatement of VAT and mastic in the ballroom (W195/W195B), Milwaukee Room (W191 tile under carpet), W100T (west stairwell). Completed March 2002.
    • Floor tile and mastic in Rooms W129 and W129A require abatement. Scheduled for latter in the project...perhaps June 2002.
    • The four roof drains and straight-section lines over W195 will need abatement (access through W295). Completed May 2002.
    • Some minor abatement will likely be necessary for TSI in walls/ceilings, lavatory areas, servery area and W295. Lavatory chases scheduled for late-May 2002.
    • Room W295: Duct insulation and tar coating on duct along the south wall is asbestos-free. All hard fittings should be assumed to be ACM. Some ACM fittings exist in ducts/plenums for W195 (access through W295). The plaster-like mud packing on cinder block supports in W295 were negative.
    • Much of the existing mudded fittings in W191, W192, W194 and W195 will remain. Straight pipe sections in these areas are light-tan layered material; see bulk sample results and file photos for additional information.
    • Lavatory Area: Plaster is negative for ACM. TSI mudded fittings and any debris require abatement. Accessible TSI fittings in chase between W133 and W139 have already been abated; other fittings in adjacent area will likely be discovered.
    • No ACM anticipated for new exit planned for the "P" stairwell.
    • All abatement will be coordinated with the DFD construction representative, EHSRM, and Union building maintenance.
    • See PPS project file for Dan Day's field notes and complete pre-inspection.
    • Abatement work likely to begin April 2002.
    • Project Notes:
      • W191, W195, W195B: TSI (ACM straight section and mudded fittings) on ceiling drain lines was not removed, since it was not in the scope of the renovation. However, these lines were "patched and repaired". See file for locations of these asbestos insulated lines.

      • W191, W195, W195B: Floor tile and mastic removed from these rooms (March 2002).
      • W295: All roof drain TSI, including straight section and mudded fittings, removed from the four supply air plenums for W195 (April 2002).
      • W197A: Abatement not necessary in W197A.
      • W111, W111A,B,C; W125A; W139: TSI abatement during room demolition (May 2002).
      • W129, W129A: Floor tile/mastic abatement (June 20, 2002).
  • EB01B Foyer: 3-hour fire rated doors to EB90 modified (Spring 2002).
  • W179 and closet east of W171: Floor tile and mastic removed (June 14, 2002).
  • August 16, 2002: Parking garage TSI inspected for damage; two areas identified and scheduled for patch and repair.
  • Union EB30A Switch Gear Information: EHSRM obtained two samples (side A and side B) in December of 1999 of switchgear in the Union EB30A. Onyx combined the samples and found less than detectable (less than 5ppm) PCBs. During October 2002, Union Maintenance had the switchgear disassembled and removed.
  • Summer 2003: DFD #01D2I Union Atrium Floor Replacement. No asbestos disturbance anticipated for this project.
  • August 2003: DOA-DSF WALMS inspection of parking garage.
  • November 2003: abatement on snow-melt system in EB90, south end of garage near the center stairs.
  • April 2004: O&M abatement on hot water system in EB30.
  • DSF #03D2B: Student Union Fireside Lounge & Kitchen Area Renovation:
  • October 2004: Class III abatement of mudded fittings in WB71, WG71C, WG0010 WG01C for DSF #03D2B. Other O&M work in EB30 and WG01E.
  • June 2005: Room EG75B lavatory chase, all mudded fittings removed.
  • Please see the Union Environmental Survey for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory.pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required for additional information.

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