Lead Paint Chip Disposal

Lead based paint

Walt Ebersohl, Hazardous Waste Unit Leader, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, forwarded a guidance document on 11/18/96 regarding disposal of building materials containing lead-based paint to the UWM Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (now the Department of University Safety and Assurances). The following is a synopsis of the guidelines:

For projects involving the demolition of structures coated with lead-based paint or removal of their architectural components (e.g., woodwork, walls, doors, etc.) without actually removing the paint from the substrate, the DNR does not typically consider it to be necessary to make a hazardous waste determination on these structural materials if the paint is not separated from the structural materials.

The generator of these wastes must, however, follow the state's solid waste regulations and dispose of the debris in a DNR approved disposal facility.

Loose paint chips or dust generated during demolition must be managed as if they had been mechanically removed by blasting or other means.

Based on these guidelines, no other special precautions are required, except to notify the demolition contractor that certain structural components may be coated with lead based paint. In those cases, the above requirements are to be followed. The contractor must also inform demolition workers of the potential lead exposure hazard and follow necessary exposure prevention techniques.

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August 8 , 2007