Indoor Air Quality: Painting Policy

Electrostatic Painting of Lockers in Engelmann Hall

Electrostatic painting of office furnishings is frequently being requested by departments at UWM. Contrary to popular belief and marketing initiatives, this method of painting is not without risk or annoyance. Electrostatic painting may use solvent-based paint, which can adversely affect indoor air quality.

Departments planning on electrostatic painting must initiate any such work with UWM Purchasing and/or Facilities Services.

As a general rule, all furnishings must be shipped to the University Services Building so that painting may be performed in a ventilated paint-spray booth. In an effort to maintain acceptable indoor air quality, electrostatic painting shall not be performed in occupied campus buildings without prior authorization from the Department of University Safety & Assurances.

When off-site painting is not feasible, departments shall be responsible for all costs associated with these projects, such as budgeting for premium wage rates for weekend or night work, and all air monitoring costs associated with the project.

Updated November 19, 2007