Mechanical Lifts / Powered Platforms

Vertical lift in operation

Use of mechanical lifts and powered platforms is routine at UWM. Staff and students using forklifts, mechanical lifts or powered platforms must receive basic operational and safety training prior to use. Personal protective equipment (PPE) may also be required.

Each operator shall be instructed in the safe and proper operation of the specific aerial device according to the manufacturer's operator's manual, UWM work instructions, and any other appropriate standards and safe work practices.

A complete inventory of aerial lifts maintained by the UWM Physical Plant can be found at:

Please contact Physical Plant Services (x4576) for additional information.

Some safety rules for operating an aerial lift:

  • Use common sense.
  • Know the capacity of the lift you will be using and do not overload.
  • Inspect the lift before each use.
  • Check the area of travel for trip hazards and hazards from above and below.
  • Maintain a safe distance from power lines.
  • Ensure that others are at a safe distance from the lift.
  • Wear a safety belt or lanyard, if required.
  • Never modify the equipment without the manufacturer's approval.
  • If the lift is unattended, lower the platform, shut off the engine, engage the parking brake and remove the key.
Donning fall protection harness
Training in the operation and maintenance of aerial lifts was conducted at the UWM Power Plant in May, 2002.

Each lift operator viewed a training video, attended a lecture, completed a review quiz and demonstrated their proficiency in operating the aerial lift being used in the Power Plant.

Inspecting Aerial Lift
Inspecting Lift Prior to Use
Operating Lift Controls
Operating Lift Controls.
Lift Being Elevated
Vertical Lift Elevated During Training
Training for Physical Plant Shops Personnel, Custodial Staff and Groundskeepers was held on December 12 and 18, 2002. Training on Operation of Lift
Training on Operation of Lift
Operating Lift Controls The trainer provided instruction on the inspection and use of the Workforce 67' Trailer-Mounted Unit and the 19' Upright Scissor Lift as well as other lifts that Physical Plant staff may have occasion to operate.
Note that the worker is wearing a harness while in the basket. A harness is required for all workers using the 67' Workforce Trailer-Mounted Aerial Lift. Worker Wearing Harness in Basket
67-foot Workforce Trailer Mounted Lift Being Elevated 67 foot Workforce Trailer Mounted Lift Being Elevated
67 foot Workforce Trailer Mounted Lift Being Elevated
December 18, 2002 Training Class Training Explaining Operation of Lift
Worker Wearing Harness in Basket Worker Wearing Harness in Basket