Printing (RSO) Reproduction Service Order Form

Download the RSO Form

Completing an RSO

* IMPORTANT: You must enter a current active printing internal billing number on the RSO or the job may be delayed in processing.

If you have questions about completing the RSO or printing procedures, contact a printing specialist.

1. Standard production time is 1-2 weeks after final proof approval. If you require delivery other than the standard time period, please contact a printing specialist. Do not designate ASAP as a delivery date; indicate an actual date.

2. Enter the financial coding: fund, project/grant, program #, organization (division/department).

3. Enter the printing internal billing number to which the work is to be billed. Questions about printing internal billing numbers should be directed to Linda Bettler at 414-229-4055 or

4. Enter the job number from the last time this job was run (If this job is a repeat exact order).

5. Enter your department name, the first and last name, and phone number and email of the person to be called if there are questions.

6. Job Type:
Mark the appropriate box to indicate the type of job. A "New" job is one which has never been done before. An "Exact Repeat" is a re-order of a previously printed job with no changes in copy. A "Revised Re-order" is a re-order of a previously printed job which has changes to the copy. Even if you are providing all new art, we would like to keep all previous runs together in the same folder; therefore provide the previous job number if you are submitting an exact repeat or revised job.

7. Art:
Indicate what type of media is being submitted, if any, and what software and version was used to produce it.

8. Stock:
Only check the "Furnished by" box if you are supplying your own paper. In most cases, Printing Services will use paper from its inventory, but occasionally departments furnish paper. If you want to furnish the stock for your job, consult a printing technician before purchasing the paper to determine the specifications required by Printing Services equipment. Indicate the weight, kind and color of paper if you know it. If you are not familiar with the types of available stock, a printing specialist can advise you about the most appropriate paper for your publication.

9. Press work:
Mark the appropriate box for the way you want the printing to appear on the page. Head-to-head means the top of the page (for reading purposes) is on the same edge for both sides of the sheet. Head-to-foot means you would flip the sheet top to bottom to read the other side. Often this is used for folded brochures or forms. If you have any questions, contact a printing technician.

10. Ink:
Check the appropriate box to indicate whether your job will print from 1-color ink up to 4 colors (full color). Also indicate PMS color(s) you are using.

11. Bindery:
Check requested operations. If you are unfamiliar with the types of folding, stitching and binding available, a printing technician can help you decide which is best for your job. Please include a folded sample with your order.

12. Mail To:
Enter a full name, department and location to deliver the job. Indicate if the finished job is to go to UWM Mail Services.

13. Quantity:
Enter the finished quantity. Do not indicate how many sheets with multiples up-just indicate how many finished pieces you want.

14. Description:
Enter the title of the job, name of the form, purpose or something else you will recognize and will distinguish it from other jobs you may run in the future. Please include a sample or layout if at all possible.

15. If you will be mailing your printing job without an envelope, it will need a postal permit number imprinted on it (unless you plan to affix stamps). Your business manager or Mail Services should be contacted for the correct number and other questions you may have regarding the mailing process. If you want only a part of your job to have a permit, this quantity should be noted in the appropriate box.

16. Use the additional information area for additional notes, specific requirements or other pertinent information.

17. IMPORTANT: The signature of someone authorized to expend funds is necessary before any work can commence. Unsigned orders will be returned to ordering departments for signature. Print out the RSO and sign it before sending it to Printing Services.

18. Fax, e-mail, send inter-campus mail, or drop-off the signed RSO along with the media and/or samples needed to produce the job. Electronic files should be uploaded via the printing dropbox.