Preparing Your Files for Copying and Printing

Copy Jobs

Allow minimum margins of 5/16” white space at all four edges. PDF files are preferred. See below for instructions on how to properly create a PDF for copying. Upload your files into the Copy Center dropbox.

Print Jobs

Native files prepared in a graphic design layout program (Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress) are preferred. When providing native files, zip/stuff ALL the related files for your project (fonts, graphics etc.) into ONE SINGLE zipped/stuffed archive before you place it in the dropbox. This can easily be accomplished by placing all your files into a folder and then zipping/stuffing that folder.

A note about using PDF files for print jobs:
PDF files MAY be used, but it is very important that the native file be created properly before making the PDF. This includes using the proper logos, correct colors (especially CMYK, not RGB) etc. Once the PDF file is created and sent for printing, it cannot be changed by the printer, so if the file is not created correctly to begin with, it will not print correctly.

Similar rules apply to Illustrator files. View the Challenges with Illustrator Files tip sheet.

Use the Electronic Submission Checklist to aid you in your file preparation.

Upload your files into the Printing Services dropbox

Creating PDF Files

You MUST have the latest FULL version of Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you do not have the latest full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can purchase it from the campus software web site.

BEFORE you create your PDF file, you must enter the correct settings.

If using Word or Publisher: Click "Print," choose "Adobe PDF" in dropdown, click on "properties," choose "press Quality" click "OK," click "OK," create file name and "save."

If using QuarkXpress or InDesign: Choose Export as PDF file - Be sure the PDF options are set to embed all fonts and DO NOT compress any images or line art. Click OK and save your PDF file.

If using Photoshop or Illustrator: "Save as" format: choose PDF (Photoshop pdf in photoshop)

Following these guidelines, will ensure that all the fonts and graphics are embedded within the PDF file at the proper settings for printing at the Copy Center or Printing Services.

Why should I upload my files?

Uploading files into the Print & Copy Services dropboxes will ensure the best possible results. Files sent attached to e-mails quite often end up becoming corrupt, especially larger files. Some e-mail programs can’t even handle the larger files to begin with. Files today are much more complicated and involved and therefore are easily corrupt through e-mail.

Uploading files is also a time-saver. It eliminates the need to put files on dvd’s or jump drives then bring them over to the Print Shop or Copy Center.