Project Team

Project Sponsor

Michael Hostad (University Relations & Communications)

Service Sponsor

UWM Web Steering Committee

Campus Working Group Members
  • Christian Keene (School of Continuing Education)
  • Dan Ervin (School of Continuing Education)
  • Dario Elia (School of Education, College of Health Sciences and Helen Bader School of Social Welfare)
  • Don Kasprzak (Auxiliary Services)
  • Homer Hruby (College of Letters and Science)
  • Jason Dietenberger (Department of Enrollment Services)
  • Jeremy Streich (College of Letters and Science)
  • John Mills (University Relations & Communications)
  • Joslyn Schiedt (Lubar School of Business)
  • Radder Kyle (University Information Technology Services)
  • Rob Nunez (School of Information Studies)
  • Sue Podgorski (Academic Affairs)
  • Tom Hanson (School of Freshwater Sciences)
  • Wendy Welsh (College of Nursing)

Project Management
  • Mark Jacobson (University Relations & Communications)
  • Sarah Ruder (University Relations & Communications)