Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps The current email and calendar solution hosted internally is not adequately meeting the needs of our campus community. To provide better service, a project is underway to select and implement a cloud-based email and calendar service to be hosted off-campus that best meets the needs of faculty, staff and students.

Two software applications are under consideration for UWM’s next email and calendar service - Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. The focus of this phase is to build on the existing work that has been completed and provide a mechanism through which an enterprise email and calendar solution is selected. This will be done through:

  • Review of existing efforts conducted under the “Email/Calendaring Evaluation Working Group” which published a report in May 2011 - including the requirements identified, vendors reviewed, knowledge developed to date and roadblocks identified

  • Obtain feedback and validation from faculty, staff and students of requirements/needs gleaned from past email and calendar initiatives

  • Examine those requirements against the service features of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365

  • Recommend a solution based on “best-fit” of requirements, as well as and budget for procurement, implementation and on-going support

  • Obtain feedback from the UWM community

  • Provide final report to the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s Cabinet for a final decision

Members of the UWM Community are encouraged to check out both Microsoft Office 365 Education and Google Apps for Education services.

Once a decision has been made,  the implementation phase of the project will include configuring our local infrastructure, testing, readying training and support and migrating accounts to the new service.