UWM WiFi Pilot Project

Information contained on this website may not be current. Please visit the UWM WiFi website at UWMWiFi.uwm.edu. Thank you.


UWM WiFi Pilot Project Results

The UWM WiFi pilot project provided the campus community with a new wireless environment in the Union and Golda Meir Library, with major improvements to the reliability, security and administrative interface of the campus wireless service. The pilot began July 5, 2011 and concluded on January 4, 2012.

There were four service access options:

ePantherID/password authenticated access: Preferred access for UWM faculty, staff and students; device setup was required

Public access: Unsecure, limited bandwidth provided in renewable on-hour blocks; not recommended for faculty, staff or student University business

Sponsored guest access: Full-service wireless access via faculty/staff sponsorship

eduroam access: Wireless access at participating eduroam institutions worldwide; device setup required

Design of the service allowed for the ability to maintain the service even if there were major outages of the campus network infrastructure. Security of the wireless service and the services supported by wireless were greatly improved. In addition, improvements to the administrative interface allowed for efficient and effective support by technical staff across the entire enterprise.

During the six-month pilot, feedback was solicited from faculty, staff, students and the public. Customer satisfaction, service manageability and service viability were evaluated for consideration of potential deployment campus-wide, pending appropriate resources.