Project Team

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UWM Role

Project Role

Melissa Woo
Network & Operations Director
Jeff Lange
Network Infrastructure Supervisor
Team Lead
Matt Baran
Network Engineering Technology Architect
Team Lead
Ken Jolly
Network Operations Wireless Specialist
Team Lead
Paula Brossard
Operations & Data Center Project Manager
Project Mgr
Dan Siercks
Letters & Science IS Technical Services Specialist
Team Member
James Kavanagh
Letters & Science IS Supervisor 2
Team Member
Beth Schaefer
Client Services Acting Director
Team Member
Ann Nehring
UWM Help Desk & CCL Support Supervisor
Team Member
Tanya Choice
 UWM Information Security
Team Member
Wendy Luljak
Senior IT Communications Strategist
Team Member
Kim Silbersack
Libraries Admin Program Manager
Team Member
James Lowrey
Libraries Automation Assistant Director
Team Member
Kelly Jeglum
Auxiliary Svcs IS Network Services Sr
Team Member
Ben Seefeld
Auxiliary Svcs IS Network Services Tech
Team Member
Susan McKay
Creative Services Designer
Team Member
Shane Stimac
Creative Services Web Developer
Team Member
Tim Miles
Creative Services Web Developer
Team Member
David Jaske
Net Ops Middleware AD Administrator
Team Member
Mark Rank
Net Ops Middleware Architect
Team Member
Mick Brickner
UITS Professional Development/Training
Team Member

Roles & Responsibilities


• Appoints the project Steering Committee members
• Approves all related project deliverables
• Prepares the business case
• Manages policies and procedures impacted by and required for the project
• Provides input into tactical decisions and provides support for resolution of project issues
• Assists the Team Lead with coordinating resources from the appropriate UITS areas
• Evaluates the Team and provides feedback where needed
• Informs Team of approval to proceed upon receipt of a satisfactory plan
• Communicates the status of the Team’s activities as appropriate to UITS colleagues


Project Manager:

• Manages all phases of the project
• Leads Team meetings
• Determines the need for face-to-face and/or virtual meetings
• Proposes/Creates an agenda for each meeting
• Maintains focus on meeting topics
• Provides meeting minutes to project team members
• Maintains project documentation


Team Member:

• Provides technical understanding of capabilities, functionality and configuration during analysis and planning
• Assists in creating project plans
• Reviews requirements for a common understanding of project implementation
• Analyzes, designs, develops and/or implements the proposed solution
• Provides regular and timely status updates of activities to the Project Manager
• Attends all Team meetings
• Identifies and raises issues and risks as needed
• Represents the interests of stakeholders
• Ensures two-way reporting between the Team and the area that one represents



• Provides knowledge of end users needs
• Provides knowledge of business processes and procedures
• Proposes implementation requirements