Windows 7 Is Coming

Windows 7 Microsoft has released the next version of the Windows desktop operating system, Windows 7. In order to prepare the campus community for Windows 7 at UWM, a Windows 7 Campus Planning project has been launched.

A project team has been formed and is evaluating the new operating system to ensure its compatibility with current campus systems for the eventual deployment on campus.

As the project progresses this site will be updated, so please check back.


Windows 7 and Office 2010 ShortCourses
Short Courses are now available. Please see for more details.

Learn about the time-saving features and shortcuts that make Windows 7 the most efficient Microsoft operating system yet.

Union W299/199

August 15, the computers in Union W299/199 will be updated to Windows 7 and Office 2010


Current Initiatives

Completed Initiatives