WordPress Themes

UWM Web Identity

UWM Web Identity themes will be available for WordPress. The Web Identity initiative aims to provide a strong and consistent UWM-branded visitor experience across the university's Web presence and also to provide content and functionality that can adapt on-the-fly (be "responsive") to the diversity of devices (mobile, tablet, traditional laptop/desktop) that visitors use when accessing UWM.edu.

To view an example of a school/college-level campus unit who has implemented the UWM Web Identity while also using content, design layout, photography, video, and interactivity to highlight their own uniqueness and personality, visit the College of Nursing website.


Other Themes

A mechanism to provide access to WordPress themes other than UWM Web Identity will be available for qualifying Websites that fall outside the scope of UWM Web Identity branding.


A draft, working version of the WordPress UWM Web Identity theme has been completed and is available for the construction of WordPress-based websites by units participating in the Alpha and Beta phases. Validation and refinement of the UWM Web Identity theme is in progress and will continue during the Alpha and Beta phases.


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