University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Advising FAQs

Q. How do I make an appointment to see my advisor?
A. Call the Peck School of the Arts advising office at (414) 229-4763 to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Send an email to your faculty advisor.

Q. Why should I make an appointment to see an advisor?
A. See your academic advisor when you have questions related to:

  • Registering for classes during a current or upcoming semester
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Adding/dropping classes or other administrative actions
  • Accessing PAWS
  • Graduation Planning

See your faculty advisor when you have questions related to:

  • Career Counseling
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Resume Writing/Interviewing Tips
  • Portfolio Feedback
  • Networking
  • Course Content

Q. How do I add/drop a class?
A. Depending on the time of the semester you should attempt to add/drop a class through PAWS. If the deadline has passed to add/drop through PAWS you should complete an Add/Drop form. These forms are located in the Peck School of Arts advising office located in Theatre 120. Please fill out the form and obtain all the appropriate signatures as noted on the form.

Q. How do I declare a major?
A. Depending on the program that you wish to pursue, this may or may not be able to be changed by your academic advisor. It is best to discuss changing your major with the advisor working in the school/college where you want to change your major to. For many of the areas you may need to complete a portfolio review or provide an audition. Check the PSOA website under your area of interest to see specific portfolio or audition details.

Q. How do I know what classes to register for during the current or future semesters?
A. Registering for classes is based on the curriculum sheet that you need to complete for a specific major. It is advised that you review your curriculum sheet to see which classes you need for your major (i.e., several curriculum sheets have semester breakdowns of the core classes you need to complete during a given semester). The curriculum sheet will notify you of classes that you need to complete to satisfy general education requirements. You should also consider if you need to be full-time for financial aid. You are encouraged to read all of the details related to a given course including course pre-requisites and course fees, while making sure that all sections of the class fit into your schedule. To see the on-line schedule of classes, go to and select the appropriate semester. We recommended that you see your advisor with further questions regarding choosing classes to register for.

Q. What is a waitlist and why would I use it?
A. Some classes in PAWS have a waitlist associated with them. This means that if a class is filled to capacity, a waitlist will begin. If you enroll in the waitlist you may then be enrolled in the class if a seat becomes available and you do not have any conflicts, you are not enrolled in too many credits and you meet all other conditions. Select the "Course Wait List Information" link in PAWS, on the student self-service page, to view additional information.

Q. What can I do if I am having problems in a specific class and need additional assistance?
A. Tutoring is available for some classes on campus. Take a look at the website for additional information about resources available to you. You may also want to check with the Student Accessibility Office (SAC). Their website is

Q. I've looked at my Academic Requirements on-line and see there is a problem. How do I fix it?
A. The Peck School of the Arts is in the process of updating PAWS to accurately reflect degree requirements; however this is still a work in progress. It is highly encouraged that you schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss your degree requirements before you begin your final semester. It is important that you do this before the add/drop deadline of the final semester in case you need to enroll in an additional course.

Q. How do I stay informed about important campus information and Peck School of Arts events/opportunities?
A. The best way for students to stay informed is to carefully read your UWM email. Most administrative offices will use UWM email as their primary communication route. You can also join the PSOA facebook page.

Q. I am a transfer student, how do I know if classes will transfer for a specific degree?
A. Transfer students into the Peck School of the Arts can do a couple of things. You can look at the on-line Transfer Information System (TIS) database. This will allow you to see transfer equivalencies that have been set-up for specific schools. Also, transfer students can meet with their Academic Advisor who may in turn consult with the appropriate Faculty within the appropriate area of interest to see which transfer course will/will not transfer for which UWM course.