University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have a laptop computer?
While laptop computers are strongly recommended for students in all Peck School of the Arts programs, a laptop is required for a number of our programs. Please consult the laptop requirements page for details.

Am I required to buy a new computer?
Students who already own a laptop or would like to purchase or borrow a used laptop may do so as long as the computer meets or exceeds the specified hardware and software requirements. Please consult your instructor or program area head if you have a question about the suitability of a particular computer.

Am I required to purchase an Apple computer?
Students who wish to purchase a PC laptop instead should consult with their instructors or program area heads to be sure their computer will meets or exceeds curricular requirements. The Peck School of the Arts strongly recommends Apple's MacBook Pro computers and coursework will be designed for these machines.

How do I purchase an Apple laptop?
We recommend that you purchase your Apple laptop through UWM's TechStore. Please visit their web site for further information:

How do I purchase required software?
Most required software can be purchased at a discounted rate through WISC Software. Please consult the software requirements page for more information.

Can financial aid assist me in paying for my computer and software?
If you are a financial aid recipient, you can ask for a budget increase to add the cost of your computer and software to your financial aid package. Download the UWM TechStore's financial aid brochure or visit the Department of Financial Aid web site for further information.

Should I insure my laptop for loss, theft or damage?
We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance.