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GER Information

A = Arts
CD = Cultural Diversity
† = Variable content courses may be retaken with change in topic
* = non art majors may enroll 2 weeks prior to start of semester


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Explore the arts – and earn GER credits!

From basic drawing to 3D forms. From design history to current practice. Learn the fundamentals of art. Courses open to ALL UWM students. See course listing below to identify those classes which satisfy GER requirements.

100 - American Art and Culture (A, CD)
Appreciation of North American art through study of diverse cultural traditions including African-American, Native-American, Latino-American, Asian-American and European-American expressive practices.

*101 - Drawing I
Exploration of drawing materials, methods, concepts and expression based on visual observation.

*102 (201) - Drawing II
Expanded development of drawing materials, methods and expression; focus on conceptual and perceptual process.

105 - Art & Design Lecture Series (A)
Introduction to contemporary art and design as presented through artist lecture series; addresses themes of form, function, criticism and audience relative to contemporary art practice.

106 - Art Survey (A)
Introduction to the visual arts disciplines and contemporary critical concerns. Course themes investigate inter-relations between technical process and expressive intent.

†107 - Art Explorations
Special topic courses in Art and Design for non-art majors. Courses vary and may include photoshop, illustrator, typography, ceramics, etc.

*108 - 2D Concepts
An introduction to visual problem solving. Organization of the two-dimensional plane using the elements and principles of design. Includes the study of black and white and the basics of color.

*109 - 3D Concepts
An introduction to three-dimensional design through constructed surface and form studies, tool usage and fabrication techniques.

*118 - Digital Arts: Culture, Theory, Practice
Introduction to electronic art and imaging. Focus on historical and cultural contexts, theoretical concepts and studio skills using imaging software.

124 - Design Survey (A)
Survey of design disciplines and movements of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Slide lectures include industrial design, architecture, graphic design, and design movements.

150 - Multicultural America (A, CD)
Cross-cultural study of U.S. ethnic and racial identities through materials drawn from a variety of media arts practices (e.g. film, photography, new media) with attention to African-, Asian-, Hispanic- and Native American experiences.