University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Artists Now!

Guest Lecture Series

The Department of Art & Design proudly presents Artists Now!, a Wednesday evening lecture series designed for a broad audience with an interest in contemporary visual art. It presents a diverse group of artists working across traditional, hybrid and emergent disciplines. Join these nationally and inter- nationally recognized practitioners as they explore and expand the boundaries of creative visual practice today.

All lectures take place on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in the Arts Center Lecture Hall on the UWM campus. FREE and open to the public!

This series is supported in part by the Frederick R. Layton Fund, the John Colt Memorial Art Fund, CASA, Object and Inova.

abigaile deville 

September 9, 2015:
Abigail Deville, Lecture

Trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology (BFA 2007) and Yale University (MFA 2011), DeVille's interdisciplinary practice combines fashion, painting, sculpture, and performance in order to excavate and reclaim submerged histories within expansive, vibrant, and formally rigorous site-specific installations. DeVille is a Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University (2014-15) and was an Artist-in-Residence at The Studio Museum in Harlem (2013-14).

tom burtonwood 

September 16, 2015:
Tom Burtonwood, The Re: Materialization Of The Art Object

The digitization of a continuous signal into discrete parts is an important hallmark of new media objects. In his lecture Tom Burtonwood will discuss the historical trajectory of photography from early technical images to digital representations and the digitization of objects via photogrammetry.

Joy Christiansen Erb 

September 30, 2015:
Joy Christiansen Erb, Portrait of a Mother

Joy Christansen Erb will present a series of photographic images that explore the subject of motherhood and family, both from a personal and universal perspective. As an artist and mother, she records the private moments within the lives of her family and their domestic space. The resulting images artistically document the growth cycles of her children, the successes and failures of motherhood, and focus on the body through sickness and healing.

Korean Panel 

October 14, 2015:
Korean Panel, New Hanji

In 2012, a group of Milwaukee-based artists traveled together throughout South Korea to study Hanji (Korean paper) and traditional paper crafts with master artisan/craftspeople. Dedicated to preserving histories, Korean artisans are deeply connected to their craft – obsessively, spiritually and historically. The people had such a profound impact on the artists and their making, that the lessons learned in Korea were integrated into their studio practices, both materially and in terms of the “heart” that they put into what they create. Speaking about Korean paper crafts and the unique connections between the Korean and American artists, Milwaukee-based artists Nirmal Raja, Marna Brauner, and Christiane Grauert will join Korean paper craft artisans Hyemija Kim and Keumgang Seunim of Mihwang Temple for a panel discussion moderated by Rina Yoon and Jessica Meuninck-Ganger.

anne kingsbury 

October 21, 2015:
Anne Kingsbury, Life in Everyday Art: Slow Improvisation

2014 Nohl fellow Anne Kingsbury has been a working artist for fifty years always using the hand as the primary tool: making woodcuts, hand building clay forms, mixing clay and leather within quilted wall hangings and hand beading text with images on leather or deer hide. She has come to think of her work as ‘slow improvisation’, an exploration of materials and methods that are dependent on time to find solutions, rather than a preconceived road map giving her directions on how to get there. The evolution that happens during this process is always integral to the finished piece – even if the pace means years instead of months.

vanessa renwick 

November 4, 2015:
Vanessa Renwick, To Sooth Or Seeth, Which To Beseech With?

Does one hit one over the head or does one give one a space to sink into and contemplate? In this lecture, Renwick will explore the different ways that The Oregon Department of Kick Ass decides to create art environments for people to think about what she wants them to.

 McCaw and Budsberg 

November 11, 2015:
Shana McCaw & Brent Budsberg, History as Plastic Medium

2014 Nohl Fellows Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg discuss how their work in sculpture, film, and photography is an exploration of history as a malleable medium where disparate pieces of information can be reassembled on the spot to create a new narrative. They postulate that since accurately reconstructing history is a nearly impossible task that relies on conjecture to fill in the blanks, history may not be as fixed and unalterable as we often suppose. McCaw and Budsberg’s work uses various narrative techniques to explore this concept, and endeavors to categorize artists as equal contributors to our understanding of the past.

Flaunt It Grab 

November 18, 2015:
Therese Quinn, Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know: The Arts, Education, & Social Justice

Have you been called “unprofessional” or “insubordinate” at work? Good. So has Therese Quinn. At this talk you’ll learn why and hear other true tales of radical art and organizing.

marc maiorana 

December 2, 2015:
Marc Maiorana, Elegant Iron

This lecture will be a studio summary of how we promote modern designs in hand-formed iron objects: transforming a bold material into everyday items that are innovative and inviting. Included in the lecture will be a balance of custom, production, and in process metalworking projects.

dan s wang 

February 3, 2016:
Dan S. Wang, Through the Corridors of Contradiction

This lecture will outline several persistent contradictions that block left wing political thinking in the United States. Using personal examples and others, Dan S. Wang will argue that art can constructively mediate these political contradictions, thereby enabling new political formations.

rebeca mendez 

February 10, 2016:
Rebeca Méndez, CircumSolar

Méndez presents fieldwork as the core of her artistic practice, borrowing methods from various disciplines—from geography and sociology to fiction writing, and merges the apparent objectivity of scientific research with a subjective, flexible approach, drawing on multiple methodologies and discourses. In this lecture, Méndez will present about her recent work, including CircumSolar, a long-term artist/scientist collaborative project with focus on art and the environment. Through this work research into the geopolitics of the North and South Poles, climate change, and the natural forces that govern our planet is conducted by following the annual migration the Arctic Tern—a small sea bird—makes from the North Pole to South Pole and back again.

jim duignan 

February 24, 2016:
Jim Duignan, Driving from Chicago to Milwaukee

Jim Duignan will speak about his reflections on migratory work and the influences of the city; exploring the spaces that are not destinations.

clare grill 

March 2, 2016:
Clare Grill, I Don’t think Shoes are Better Than Stripes

Artist Clare Grill will discuss different shifts her painting has taken, growing "painting muscles," family, music, and finding comfort in not knowing what you'll make.

Bray AN image 

March 23, 2016:
Mike Bray, A System of Lenses

Mike Bray creates investigations into a self-inflicted cinematic space. His work recontextualizes time, frame-by-frame, while collapsing and expanding the spectacle through the idiom of cinema. Bray will discuss his exploration of cinematic artifice through his use of sculpture, video, photography, and installation in his practice.

evan garza 

March 30, 2016:
Evan Garza, A Spectacle and Nothing Strange: Pioneering Beyond Objects & Identities

This multimedia lecture that will examine the role of the artist as catalyst for formal and social change. Curator Evan Garza will use the art-making histories of the Civil Rights Movement, the AIDS crisis, and the Harlem-born voguing scene to contextualize the contemporary impulse to foreground identity as a radical means of confrontation and formal rebellion.

veleta vancza 

April 6, 2016:
Veleta Vancza, From Craft to Commerce

Veleta Vancza will discuss her personal journey as a working artist & academic, and how it led to the creation of her conceptual art meets commerce project- MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer.


April 13, 2016:

In this lecture, Min Kim Park will take a close look at the contradictions and reciprocities between feminism, art and media culture: engaging as they go in theoretical and critical conversations about contemporary media culture, feminist spectatorship in art and, above all the politics of visual pleasure.

david solnit 

April 20, 2016:
David Solnit, Beyond Resolution

David Solnit will share stories, pictures, experiences and strategies from a range of current and past mass actions and mass movements showing how we can use art to make needed changes in our communities and the world (and have fun doing it).

yevgeniya kaganovich 

April 27, 2016:
Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Some Thoughts on Function, Purpose and Intent

Yevgeniya Kaganovich will discuss her hybrid practice that encompasses jewelry and metalsmithing, sculpture and installation. She will emphasize the role, possibilities and the shifting nature of function throughout her work with a variety of material, format and process approaches.