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Art & Design BA

BA - Community Art

The Community Art program provides a professional framework for students interested in social engagement, environmental issues, community building, public art, and place-making. The program also focuses on the arts as a tool for enriching community life, affirming cultural identity, and pursuing political and social justice goals. Read more...

BA - Design Studies

The Design Studies program enables art and design students to enter the expanding arena of traditional and digital design as well as other studio concentration areas and academic disciplines. The curriculum balances traditional studio art courses with introductory design courses, design theory and professional practice. Students learn basic design principles, digital and traditional design skills, typography, communication theories, the history of graphic design and the social and cultural context for design.

BA - Digital Fabrication + Design

The BA in Digital Fabrication + Design synthesizes programmatic experiences that exist across the Department of Art & Design. They are brought together to form a cohesive curriculum in research into applications of design thinking and object making using digital fabrication. The BA in Digital Fabrication + Design makes design for digital fabrication its focus, rather than as an auxiliary exploration in the related curricula of Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Design and Visual Communication, Sculpture, Ceramics, Fibers, and Digital Studio Practice. Read more...

BA - Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art offers students a concentrated studio art experience as a complement to a broad exposure to the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. Bachelor of Arts (Studio Arts) students choose between a focus in two-dimensional or three-dimensional studios after completing a core of study in the First Year Programs of studio art practice. Read more...