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This undergraduate degree prepares students for entrance into professional visual art fields. Once students meet the freshman First Year Program requirements, they are designated art students. In addition to satisfying the core curriculum, art students select studio courses from both 2D and 3D disciplines, take required art history courses, choose studio electives, and begin satisfying the requirements of their declared concentration.

Beginning in the fall 2005 semester, upper level students within specific program areas in the Department of Art & Design (Art Education, Design & Visual Communication, Photography, Printmaking) will be required to have an Apple laptop computer for their course work by the first day of class.

Choose from the following submajors:
Art Education
Digital Studio Practice
Design & Visual Communication
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Painting & Drawing
Print & Narrative Forms


BFA Requirements

Students must complete 120 credits:

Requirements Credits
First Year Program 18
University Core Curriculum
Art Studios
Art History
  120cr. Total

*6 credits of advanced Art History are included in the University Core Curriculum.

In order to maintain the highest quality of service to our students, all submajor areas (Ceramics, Fibers, Design & Visual Communication, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Art Education) may select their own enrollment management mechanisms. Options available to submajor areas include portfolio review, gateway courses, registration prioritizing (ex: "seniors only" and/or "majors only" courses), higher GPA for the submajor area, or other appropriate mechanisms. Students who successfully matriculate as BFA degree candidates should make themselves familiar with the requirements of their chosen submajors (as outlined in the undergraduate catalog). Students also should discuss submajor requirements with area faculty to ensure that they understand fully what will be required of them.

Follow this link for the University Course Requirements for the BFA Degree in Art & Design


BFA Curriculum

A choice of curricula is offered to permit students to concentrate in ceramics, fibers, Design & Visual Communication, jewelry and metalsmithing, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. Students must complete a minimum of 21 credits in their declared submajor, but may take up to 33 credits by choosing additional studio electives in their submajor. In order to graduate, students must complete a 3-credit critical thinking course, a 3-credit Senior Practicum, and participate in a BFA Exhibition (0 cr.). Students must complete a total of 69 credits of art to graduate with a BFA (Studio Art).

Click here for the specific degree requirements for each of the Art & Design BFA degree submajors.


BFA Course Descriptions

Click here for course descriptions.


BFA Opportunities


Students have several opportunities to exihibit each year. These include the UWM/ Gallery Paradiso Collaborative Series and the annual Scholarship/Fellowship show.

Study Abroad

Peru Today (168-297 &497 U/G) is a six-credit course introducing students to the complex facets of Peru’s culture and society. The course examines the culture through its art, architecture and an introduction to the ethnic groups that make up Peruvian society. During the course students travel to three geographically distinct regions of Peru: Lima,the capital city located in the coastal desert, Cusco, the Andean center of pre-Columbian Inca civilization and the Tambopata nature reserve in the Amazon basin. The content of the class is delivered through on-site lectures and study in museums, archeological sites, visits to artists’ studios and through study in the natural environment of the Amazon rainforest. Students are required to do pre-departure readings and to construct a defined travel journal based on their individual research interests.

Guest Artists

Each year guest artists participate in lecture series, critiques and residencies in the department.


Every year, the Department offers approximately two dozen scholarships to undergraduate students at every level.