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Art & Design BFA - Fibers

BFA - Fibers

Fibers is a broad based medium that uses methods of making that include surface design (various direct & resist dye techniques, hand & screen-print, etc.), weaving, cloth construction, quilting, stitching, wearable art, basketry, sculpture, felting, beading and installation, utilizing both natural and man-made fibers. The fibers curriculum includes a study of the multi-cultural history of textiles, contemporary fiber artists, and the integration of traditional techniques with digital media (such as image generation and computer-designed weaving). Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of fibers and its visual language, while learning its traditional processes and contemporary applications. New technological advances include computer applications to image making in surface design, as well as weaving. Cross-disciplinary work within other studio areas and media is encouraged, while students develop individual creative direction focused on the qualities inherent in the history and materiality of fibers. The Fibers program prepares students to be creative makers and critical thinkers. Similar to the breadth of the medium, itself, the potential career path is also broad.


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Fibers Area equipment and facilities include: Fully equipped Dye and Screen Printing facilities; Structural Fibers Lab with computer-operated dobby looms, 20+ floor looms, computerized sewing machines, industrial sewing machine and access to spinning wheels, feltmaking equipment; and Computer Lab/Library equipped with Macintoshes, peripherals, and fiber reference books.

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