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BFA - Jewelry and Metalsmithing

The undergraduate Jewelry and Metalsmithing program offers a broadly based undergraduate curriculum in metal that gives students a solid technical foundation and offers historical perspectives through study of traditional formats, materials and processes, while also exploring concepts in contemporary craft discourse. In development of metal objects and wearables, the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Program focuses on qualities unique to Metalsmithing as a craft practice. The curriculum encourages the students to gain an understanding of the discipline, its conditions, possibilities and limitations, while allowing for multiple traditional and experimental processes and approaches. With this background students are able to develop their own creative vision exploring their ideas in metal. With an understanding of the field the students are able to test its boundaries and draw on what a craft discipline has to offer in perusing their ideas that cross over into other disciplines. The program's goal is to prepare students for professional work as artists, metalsmiths and jewelers as well as graduate studies.

The graduate program in Jewelry and Metalsmithing fosters intensive individual research and creative practice. While expanding one's vocabulary of specific metalsmithing processes, students explore the relevant application of these processes and their effects on the aesthetic, physical, functional and cultural qualities of metal objects and jewelry. With an understanding of traditional and formal conditions of the field of Metalsmithing, students are encouraged to investigate concepts in contemporary craft discourse. Making methodologies are examined within a larger cultural context through the exploration of the intersections between art, craft and design. Applicants are accepted based on their commitment to advancing their practice and a portfolio that demonstrates technical competency, understanding of the discipline and conceptual development. Wide range of support, including Project and Teaching Assistantships is available on competitive basis. Historically 17 out of 25 graduate students receive full funding with health insurance.


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Undergraduate Facilities

The well-equipped comprehensive undergraduate Jewelry and Metalsmithing studios are housed in the Art building. The facilities include equipment for forming, casting, enameling, etching, patination, polishing, fabrication, hydraulic forming, machining, anodizing, milling and lathwork. In addition to the main studio with 18 shared workstations, three adjacent rooms feature 20 individual stations for Jewelry and Metalsmithing concentration students. A very large array of metalsmithing equipment is available as well as many other hand and power tools. Some undergraduate courses also take advantage of the newly renovated and equipped Kenilworth facility, with a comprehensive forming studio, welding, and powder coating. In addition to the Art Department free photo documentation lab, students also have access to Jewelry and Metalsmithing Area Photo equipment.

Graduate Facilities

The Kenilworth facility, shared by the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Graduate students, features 4 individual work stations, soldering and annealing areas, basic metal fabrication tools, hydraulic die forming, enameling, powder coating, sandblasting, welding and forming equipment. In addition, graduate students have access to the comprehensive Jewelry and Metalsmithing undergraduate facilities in the Visual Art Building.

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