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Art & Design BFA - Sculpture

BFA - Sculpture

In the sculpture program students are encouraged to cross boundaries, invent processes, and explore innovative content in the areas of object-making, installation, performance, site-work, time-based art, and digital forms. The program’s curriculum establishes a solid foundation of traditional skills and concerns that promote both a historical and contemporary platform from which students can navigate. The curriculum seeks to enable students with the skills necessary to explore concepts and content relevant both in today’s world and in the creation of a personal vision. Instilling in every student the practical, hands-on knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques necessary to facilitate these concepts and ideas are at the core of the sculpture program.

With sculpture encompassing a myriad of materials, processes and media, the sculpture faculty seeks to promote individual student exploration and independence within a contemporary framework. The curriculum provides exposure to a range of skills, techniques, and resources. It is, however, the ability to think that is at the heart of the program as students are challenged to employ the skills and mindset to participate in future endeavors.


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Our nearly 6500 sq foot sculpture facility houses a complete woodworking studio, a 15ft x 15ft spray and sanding booth, large metal fabrication and construction area, plaster, mold-making and ceramic shell areas and a foundry and wax working area, There are also several general work areas, a 800 sq ft installation and project space and access to digital media.

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