University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Heather Warren-Crow

Heather Warren-CrowPosition: Assistant Professor
Area: Writing and Critical Thinking
Ph.D. (Performance Studies) University of California, Berkeley
B.A. (English and Plan II Honors Liberal Arts) University of Texas, Austin
Office: KSE 564

Heather Warren-Crow is a scholar of media art and a performance artist. Her interdisciplinary research centers on the relationship between imaging practices and theories of identity. She is currently completing a book, Girlhood and the Plastic Image, which deals with figures of metamorphosis in net art, video art, and animation. Dr. Warren-Crow has published articles in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Canadian Theatre Review, Performance Research, and the edited volume Animated ‘Worlds.’ She will also have a chapter in the forthcoming collection Different Bodies: Disability in Film and Television.

Additionally, Dr. Warren-Crow creates live and pre-recorded performance pieces that screw around with forms of identity brought into being by the mass media. She joins the vernacular of low art (the language of pop music, social networking websites, and Internet memes) with the rhetoric of body art to address issues pertaining to American youth and femininity. Alternately cheeky and earnest, her work confronts the aesthetic pleasures of the American Brand Identity as well as its pains. She has exhibited at galleries and in performance spaces in Austria, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, and across the Unites States.

Dr. Warren-Crow’s teaching interests include digital art and culture, performance art, video art, sound art, surrealism, photography theory, performance theory, animation aesthetics, and gender studies. She previously taught at the University of California (Berkeley), where she received an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award. During the 2011-2012 academic year, she will hold a research fellowship at UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies.