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Laura Trafi-Prats

Laura Trafi-PratsArea Head for Art Education
Ph.D. Universitat de Barcelona with emphasis on art education and critical art histories
MA Universitat de Barcelona
BFA Universitat de Barcelona

(414) 229-4398
Art 159

Laura Trafí-Prats is an art education and visual studies specialist with an interest in contemporary cultural theory and interdisciplinariety.

Her undergraduate teaching experience includes classes on art psychology, developmental theories in art education, art education methods for non-art majors, media education for non-art majors, and art education theory and practice. Her graduate teaching experience focuses on the fields of museums and education, critical art histories, urban representations and visual methodologies, and visual culture and memory studies. She has taught before at the Universitat de Barcelona’s School of Fine Arts, and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona’s School of Education. She has lectured at the Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, and the Venice International University, Venice.

Her theoretical research concentrates on the tensions between official histories, working memories and their representations in contemporary visual culture. She is interested in the visual representation of trauma, monumentalization, displacement, as well as in time-based forms of co-witnessing, and remembrance.

Her educational research focuses on challenging modernist discourses of childhood and the study of more realistic and fair representations of children. Her field studies experiment with a framework based on reconstructive studies of childhood, relational aesthetics, performance art pedagogy, and visual methodologies that enable the exploration of new forms of collaboration between adults (artists and teachers) and young people provoking possible connections between artistic formations and social issues impacting the lives of children.

She has been published in a number of international journals.