University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Lee Ann Garrison

lee_ann_garrisonExecutive Director, PSOA Design Research Institute
MFA (painting/drawing) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MA (painting/drawing) California State University-Long Beach
BA (painting/drawing) Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

(414) 229-4507
KSE 303

Lee Ann Garrison is a visual artist who has exhibited her oil paintings in galleries and museums in California, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, and New York and is a past recipient of a Wisconsin Arts Board Grant. Over 60 of her paintings are in private collections throughout the United States and Mexico.

Garrison is a scholar of systems thinking and visual metaphor. Her year’s long Observation series of paintings depict the dendritic or branching systems of rivers, tree roots, and blood vessels and spiral systems of plant growth, tornadoes, shells, and the Milky Way. Her new scholarly interests include data visualization and neuroaesthetics, the way the brain perceives beauty.

Lee Ann Garrison’s teaching interests include design methodology in design history, color theory, graduate research and writing, graduate painting, and art and design topics in the Honors College Seminar.

The Design Research Institute, officially approved in 2012, promotes interdisciplinary teaching and research centered on design thinking, problem identification and creative problem solving. The DRI also works with businesses and organization in Milwaukee. Garrison will host Design Talks during the academic year. She is also organizing a regional conference, From STEM to STEAM, to promote the arts as integral to the STEM disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. She is an active member of the National Council of Arts Administrators and the National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance, and has been co-leader of UWM’s Campus Academic Planning, working toward UWM’s Strategic Plan projected to be complete in the spring of 2014.

How to Mend a Broken Heart II
How to Mend a Broken Heart II
oil on canvas