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Junior Competition 2016

Deadline: Monday, February 2, 2016
(No late entries will be allowed)

In the spring of 2015, the Department of Art & Design awarded over 35 scholarships to undergraduates through its annual competitions for sophomores and juniors. The total amount awarded was over $30,000.

Students with junior standing are eligible for general scholarships and scholarships that consider need as based on FAFSA information. Junior scholarships include:

  • Elsa Ulbricht Memorial Scholarship
  • Ester C. Waldheim Scholarship*
  • Frederick R. Layton Scholarships
  • Lawrence Rathsack Scholarship
  • Mary E. Van Deven Memorial Scholarship
  • Rorabeck Memorial Scholarship
  • Art & Design Scholarship and the Alumni Scholarship

(* Rotates among PSOA departments annually)

Additionally three specialized scholarship opportunities are available to juniors: the Art Education Scholarship, the Clarice George Logan Travel Scholarship, and the Racine Art Guild Scholarship.

Individual scholarship awards will range from $250 to $2,500.

All questions and concerns about the scholarship process, student status or the Junior Scholarship Competition should be directed to the scholarship committee through


Good luck!
The Scholarship Committee

Student Status & Eligibility

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must:

  • Major in a program in the Department of Art & Design
  • Have Junior student status (see Determining Your Status)
  • Have an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Be enrolled for the spring 2016 semester as a full time student with a minimum of 6 course credits in Art & Design.

Specific eligibility requirements for the Art Education Scholarship, Logan Travel Scholarship and Racine Art Guild Scholarship are listed below.

Students may receive a scholarship in the Junior status category once. However, if you apply and don't receive a scholarship in the Junior status category, and are still eligible by credit hour count the following year, you may apply again in that category.

Determining Your Status
Students who have completed approximately 39-67 Department of Art & Design credits. These credits may include Art Survey; Art History credits do not apply.

Students must confirm their status by accessing their transcript on PAWS:

Count credits through Fall 2015 (do not include spring courses). If you are only minimally over the credit limit in this category and/or are still considered within that category within your area of concentration (i.e. you have over one year of studio credits to complete after spring 2016), contact the scholarship committee for a ruling before you submit the online application.


Scholarship Competition

Presentation of your work is left to your discretion, however, the jurors expect to see Junior level work in the Junior competition. If you have concerns about what work to present, ask a faculty member.

Installation, Jurying & De-installation
Installation: Thursday & Friday, February 18 & 19, 9 am-5 pm
Jurying: Monday & Tuesday, February 22 & 23, 9 am-6:30 pm
De-installation: Wednesday, February 24, 9 am-5 pm
Note: You will be charged $10/day if you do not pick up your work during the de-installation time.Work remaining after March 1 will be discarded.

Location of Gallery
The Arts Center Gallery is located on the second floor of the Arts Center. A campus map is located at

Gallery Space Allotment
If you apply for the competition, assume you are exhibiting work unless notified otherwise (you will not receive additional confirmation from the Scholarship Committee).

Gallery space will be assigned on the day of installation and posted in the gallery. Bring your work on the appropriate date(s). Your space will be marked with a numbered nametag that needs to remain part of the display through jurying.

Each applicant will have the choice of either a wall space 6 feet wide (and high as you like, though work may not protrude more than 2 feet from the wall); or a floor space 6 feet square. Floor space is limited and must be requested in advance. We cannot accommodate assigning both wall and floor space. Applicants using floor space must supply their own pedestals.

Arts Center Gallery Guidelines
All applicants must abide by the following Arts Center Gallery Guidelines when installing their work:

  1. Students must deliver and install work on time.
  2. Students must remove all works on time.
  3. Students must bring their own tools and nails.
  4. Any special installation needs are the responsibility of each student, and may require prior approval.
  5. Students must dispose of any debris they bring into the gallery.
  6. Arts Center Gallery staff are responsible for all lighting.
  7. Under no circumstances may students supply their own lighting.
  8. Students must supply their own pedestals.
  9. Work must be securely hung. If work is not hung properly, the gallery retains the right to remove the work from competition. Tape should not be used for attaching to flat walls.
  10. De-installation: You must leave the space in the same (or better) condition in which you found it.
  11. If you have any special request or questions concerning installation and/or de-installation please contact:
  12. Do not move to another space without Scholarship Committee permission. Please do not infringe on other students' spaces.
  13. Students must keep name slip with number on wall or floor space for identification purposes.


All online applications must be submitted by 5 pm on Monday, February 2, 2016.

Supplementary materials for the Logan Travel Scholarship (proposal, itinerary, budget and letters of recommendation) are due by Thursday, February 18, 2016 by 5 pm to in a single e-mail with "Logan Scholarship" in the subject line.


Announcement & Distribution of Awards

Scholarship recipients will be announced in April 2016. The department will review transcripts before awards are made to insure accuracy of all winning applications.

Scholarships are disbursed in two payments, one for each semester of the 2016-2017 academic year. Scholarship recipients who do not remain enrolled full-time and in at least 6 course credits in Art & Design each semester at UWM during the 2016-2017 academic year may forfeit all or part of their scholarship. General sophomore and Junior scholarships cannot be applied to semesters abroad or held until a student’s return.


Awards Exhibition

Crossing Over is the annual exhibit celebrating scholarship recipients. However, in order to ensure that this is a quality exhibit each scholarship recipient must participate.

The 2016 scholarship/fellowship exhibition will be held in the Student Union Art Gallery in October 2016. Materials planning for the exhibit will be sent September 2016. Scholarship recipients who do not participate in this exhibit may forfeit all or part of their scholarship.


Apply Online

Apply online at the following link:

NOTE: You will need the following information when completing the application:
1 - # of completed UWM credits through Fall 2015 (per course history in PAWS)
2 - Overall (cumulative) Grade Point Average (including Fall 2015 courses)
3 - # of completed credits only in Art & Design Courses including Fall 2015 (per course history in PAWS)
4 – Grade Point Average of Art & Design Courses completed (including Fall 2015 courses)

Application deadline: Monday, February 2, 2016 at 11:59pm.


General Scholarship

The majority of scholarship funding at the Junior level is awarded through participation in the Junior scholarship competition. By applying online and participating in the competition, you will be considered for General Scholarship funds.

There are also three specialized scholarship opportunities available to Junior students: the Art Education Scholarship, the Clarice George Logan Travel Scholarship, and the Racine Art Guild Scholarship.


Art Education Scholarship

While art education students may choose to compete for general scholarship funds, art education majors are also eligible for the Art Education Scholarship. Additional scholarships for art education majors are available through Arts Eco.

Making connections between personal art production and pedagogical practice is an important means by which art educators may maintain a high level of vitality and creativity in both areas of their work. The process begins with ideas. Themes that run through your own work can be brought into your classroom and shared with your students. In this way, a kind of creative collaboration occurs among your ideas and those of your students.

In order to communicate to your students the conceptual depth inherent in visual art production and consumption, you must be able to articulate the connection between art and your students' lives. One of the most potent ways to do this is to maintain an identity as an artist and to allow that identity to inform your teaching practice. The art education scholarship award recognizes those students who demonstrate an ability to make and articulate such connections.

Students wishing to participate in the Art Education scholarship competition must be enrolled in 300 level Art Education methods courses. Regardless of class standing, art education scholarship competitors participate in the Junior Competition.

Application/Exhibition Requirements

In addition to applying and exhibiting artwork in the Junior Competition, applicants must also develop and display a Thematic Unit Plan that makes a connection between the themes and ideas explored in your art and your teaching practice. The unit plan must be mounted and displayed alongside your artwork. In addition to the strength of the connection between your art and your unit plan, assessment criteria for the unit plan will be the same as those used in art education methods courses.

As always, particular attention should be given to your rationale for teaching the unit so that you can be sure that you have developed a meaningful learning experience for young people.

Any questions regarding the Art Education Scholarship should be directed to Christine Woywod at


The Clarice George Logan Travel Scholarship

Note: The Logan Travel Scholarship will return for the 2017 scholarship competition. Applications will be accepted from Sophomores and Juniors participating in the scholarship competition during odd years (e.g. 2019, 2021).

A scholarship fund has been established in the memory of Clarice George Logan, an outstanding artist and 1931 graduate of the Milwaukee State Teachers College, a predecessor institution of UWM. As a student, Logan's work greatly benefited from her opportunities to travel after her junior year. The Logan family wished to award this scholarship as a tribute to her. Therefore, preference will be given to an outstanding female student in Art Studio, Graphic Design or Art Education. Decisions are based on the quality of the written materials and the work submitted to the Junior Competition. Awards vary and may be up to $2,500 for travel between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.

Logan Travel Scholarship winners are expected to give a slide talk about their travel experience to potential applicants at a workshop offered to help students prepare applications. The next workshop tentatively be held toward the end of the fall semester in 2016

This award is open to Sophomore and Junior students:

  • Majoring in the Department of Art & Design
  • Of Sophmore or Junior student status (see Determining Your Status)
  • With an overall GPA of 2.75 or better
  • With a GPA of 3.2 or better in art courses
  • Enrolled for the spring 2017 semester as a full time student with a minimum of 6 course credits in Art & Design.

Application Requirements
Applicants must...

  • submit the online application with required information about GPA, the number of years you have been at UWM, and the number of credits completed in Art and overall (deadline: 5 pm on the first day of jurying for the 2017 junior scholarship competition).
  • participate in the Sophmore or Junior Competition.

In addition, applicants must submit the following by 5 pm on the first day of jurying for the 2017 scholarship competition in which they will participate:

  1. Statement of Intent: A one-page typewritten statement describing your proposed travel plans and how this travel would enrich your education. (Awards will not be made for travel to attend classes or workshops.)
  2. Itinerary and Budget Proposal: A one-page typewritten itinerary, specifically outlining when and where your travel would take place during the award year. Your itinerary must include a budget proposal, supplying itemized estimated costs for travel and transportation, lodging, meals and miscellaneous expenses. Add up your expenses for a total estimated cost.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation from any UWM Art & Design Faculty.

Submit all documents in a single e-mail to Please put "Logan Scholarship" in the subject line.

NOTE: The Scholarship is to be used for travel related to a unique research proposal of study. The proposal information must be included in your application. It cannot be used for Study Abroad programs that take place in a specific school or academic institution. It cannot be used to attend classes or workshops.


Racine Art Guild Scholarship

The Racine Art Guild Scholarship is available to Junior students who are residents of Racine County. Winners may be contacted by the Racine Art Guild and be asked to attend an awards ceremony. To be considered, you must enter your permanent Racine County residence in the online form if you are temporarily living outside Racine County.