University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Chair's Letter

Welcome to the world of UWM Dance!

Darci Brown Wutz Here you’ll find top-ranked professionals engaged in each student’s individual goals, needs and aspirations. Our faculty commitment to each student’s uniqueness is displayed in the pluralistic nature of our programs’ structures. Our BA in Dance, BFA in Performance and Choreography, and MFA degree programs are designed to prepare our students for a multitude of careers in the field of dance. In addition, we offer two BFA in Inter-Arts Tracks - Dual Discipline and Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology, and a Minor in Somatics.

Training UWM dance artists is one of the most professionally skilled and diverse faculty in any school that I have ever come across.  Prepare to be impressed! In addition to the remarkable faculty, the Terpsichorean People (our student organization, named after the Greek muse of dance), promotes the activities of the Department and advocate for resources from student government. Their activities enhance the student experience by providing support for production activities, travel opportunities, and guest artist fees.  In addition, student representatives sit on the Black and Gold Committee, meeting regularly with the Dean and faculty to determine the future of the Peck School of the Arts.

This year, the Department of Dance celebrates its 52nd year of existence and continues to honor the work of our faculty, students, alumni and all who have helped to elevate this Department to the level of excellence it sustains today. In December, our undergraduate students will present their daring capstone works in New Dancemakers: (Un)Expected Shift. In February, the Department will feature works by dance faculty as well guest artist Amaniyea Payne in Winterdances 2016. In late April, we will produce Springdances 2016, featuring works by the dance faculty and guest artists Molly Shanahan and New Work Award recipient April Sellers.  In July 2016, our graduate program will feature theses and new works by nationally-recognized MFA students in our Dancemakers 2016.

The 2015-2016 academic year brings us artists from across the United States. The Department will continue to partner with the Oni Dance, Daniel Burkholder/The PlayGround, Danceworks Performance Company, Alverno Presents, Milwaukee Ballet, and Wild Space Dance Company, as well as our company-in-residence Ko-Thi Dance Company.

From coast to coast, the achievements of our alumni continue to leave lasting fingerprints of the work we develop at UWM Dance. From Pilobolus in the east to Bobbevy in Portland, Oregon, and teaching positions in many academic institutions across the United States, our former students – now mature working professionals – are the best evidence of our commitment to living an artistic life.

Darci Wutz, Chair
Department of Dance