University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Iain Court

Iain CourtDance Production Manager
KSE 579

Iain has indulged his passion for knowledge and artistic development with degrees in Literature, Psychology, Performing Arts, Education, Directing and Multimedia. He has blended a career of working in professional theatre with his connection to people developing their performative voice through education. He has taught at a number of universities in Australia including the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, NIDA, and was production manager for the Dance Department at the University of Western Sydney. He consulted on the development of national standards for theatre technicians throughout Australia and developed the training program for theatre technicians at the Sydney Opera House. He has worked extensively in promoting arts access for people of all abilities and for this was recognized with the David Helfgott award. He has performed in short films, plays, and musicals acting with everything from opera divas to puppets and has directed plays, musicals and puppetry. His production work has focused on lighting design and production management although he has also designed sets and sound and stage managed dance and theatre. He has lit works in a diverse range of locations, including everything from medieval churches in Italy, to the banks of a river, circus tents, haunted ruins and major theatres and in every genre of performance. Over the past 8 years, he has toured extensively through Europe as production manager and lighting designer for Australian Dance Multimedia puppetry company Igneous. He has a passion for new media and collaboration in performance and for "making it happen".