University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Tim Russell

Tim RussellTim Russell was raised in a house filled with the sounds of piano and guitar, his parents both being recreational musicians. From that nurturing experience, it seems only fitting that he was drawn to music as a way of interacting with the world. Tim began his professional career as a musician at fifteen, playing drums in rock bands around the Chicago suburbs. His passion for music and percussion deepened as he attended the University of Wisconsin, where he eventually graduated with a BM in percussion performance. An astute recommendation immersed Tim in the world of Contemporary Movement via accompanying classes and composing music at the University of Wisconsin Dance Program, an environment that encouraged his experimental and collaborative spirit. While in Madison, he maintained an active performing schedule, managed a private teaching studio and composed music for choreographers. Tim's work with choreographers such as Jin Wen Yu, Li Chiao Ping, Kate Corby, Cycropia Aerial Dance, Luc Vanier and Kun Yang Lin has brought his music all across the country from the Fab! festival in New York City to CounterPULSE! in San Francisco. He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he continues to expand his artistic family.