University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Dance Scholarships

Incoming Student Awardees for 2013-14

Errin-Berry_thumbErrin Berry
Attended: Tennessee State University with a B.A. in English
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2016
"The Peck School of the Arts, Department of Dance has proven to have a solid commitment to not only the art and technical aspects of dance, but has taken it a step further to seriously consider cultural and somatic contributions as well. Without the formal classical training of most at this stage in education, UWM provides an area of concentration in dance of Africa and the Diaspora that is directly in line with my life experience, and unheard of in other programs. This, coupled with the somatic offerings, satisfies more completely my deep-seated interest in the art of dance, and therefore I was convinced to obtain yet another degree—but this one is for me."

MollyKiefer_thumbMolly Kiefer (Double Major in Psychology)
Attended: Stevens Point Area Senior High
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2018
"I choose the UWM Dance Department because they made me feel welcome and at home. Their focus on combining dance and the community through the BA program also attracted me."

Scholarship Awardees for 2013-2014

Deshana-DeAlwis_thumbDeshana Enakshi De Alwis
Attended: Bishop's College (Sri Lanka)
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2017
"My passion for Dance directed me towards the UWM Dance Department due to the diversified aesthetic culture it prevails and its goal to fully embrace the art form. I am looking forward to being inspired and motivated by both my instructors and my peers over the next few years."

Kayla-Flentje_thumbKayla Flentje
Attended: Lincoln High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2016
"I chose the UWM Dance Department because I felt immediately at home from the very beginning, I became close with so many people and it feels like I am a part of a family here. Their approach to teaching dance is so creative and unique and makes me think about dance in a way that challenges me as a dancer. From only being here from one year, I've grown into a more outgoing person and a creative thinker when it comes to dance. The UWM Dance Department has showed me to not be afraid to take risks and to be very grateful for this art we are all lucky enough to participate in."

Halie BahrHalie Bahr (Business Minor and Certificate in Entrepreneurship)
Attended: Slinger High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2015
"I decided to choose Dance as my career path because nothing else came close to inspiring me in High School Academics. Within the UWM Dance Department, my Mind, Body, & Spirit is continuously inspired and challenged beyond belief with the positive people & environment supporting me."

Deshana-DeAlwis_thumb Deanna Lewis (Double Major in Occupational Therapy)
Attended: West Bend East High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2015
"I chose the Dance Department at UWM because of all the opportunities it has to offer and the encouragement and support that goes behind it."

Brooke MillerBrooke Miller
Attended: Roncalli High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2016
"UWM Department of Dance has a welcoming atmosphere with very accomplished and wonderful dance professors who help you reach your fullest potential as a dancer and person in everyday life."

Maggie-Seer__thumbMaggie Seer (Double major in Advertising, Public Relations Minor)
Attended: Port Washington High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2016
"I chose UWM Department of Dance because of the connections it has with the surrounding community. The opportunities to explore, learn and grow in the art of dance are numerous at UWM and in the Milwaukee community."

Amanda-Van-Dorin_thumbAmanda Van Dorin (Double Major in Kinesiology, Pre-PT)
Attended: St. Charles East High School, IL
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2016
"I chose UWM because the Dance Department has such an outstanding approach to teaching that is non-traditional. Instead of focusing on how to create a certain shape or movement with one's body, their teaching approach is to make sure the students understand the kinesthetic underlying causes for movement and how mind-body-spirit is all interconnected through dance."

Melissa-Vesel__thumbMelissa Vesel
Attended: Newman Catholic High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2015
"Dance has always been a part of me and I chose UWM Department of Dance because I couldn't let go of that part of me. I have never been happier in my life than I am now being a part of the UWM Department of Dance. Everyone in the department is like my family and they all are my biggest supporters. I am beyond thankful for this experience and am so glad I made the decision to join the department freshman year."

Miranda-Zielinski_thumbMiranda Zielinski
Attended: Germantown High School
Year of Graduation at UWM: 2017
"Prior to attending UW-Milwaukee, I feel I was very blessed to study under and also teach alongside of UWM alumni. They introduced me to very important somatic practices and my love of instructing. I decided on the UWM Dance Department because of their focus on somatic practices that I had previously started to study and want to continue expanding my knowledge on to support my dancing. As a student of UWM alumni, I was also encouraged to support Milwaukee's local dance companies. I really admired the work that had been created and performed by the current Dance Department staff members and I hoped to not only have the opportunity to work with them as a performer but also to learn how to create my own choreography from them as well."

Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan Dance Scholarship Awardee for 2014-15

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