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Dance EC-A Certification

The post-baccalaureate Early Childhood through Adolescence (EC-A) Teacher Certification Program in Dance that certifies students to teach dance in public schools in the state of Wisconsin has temporarily suspended admission, effective with the 2014 spring semester.

The program prepares teachers to create and deliver curriculum stressing the pillars of dance as an art form: performing dance in various styles, creating original dances, responding insightfully to observed dance performances, interconnecting dance skills/knowledge with other disciplines, and reflecting critically on one's own dancing and dance knowledge.

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Dance Undergraduate Student Handbook

EC-A Admission

Formal admission to the EC-A (Early Childhood through Adolescence) Teacher Certification Program in Dance will only be granted after either a BA or BFA in Dance has been conferred, and passing scores have been earned in all three sections of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).

Current UWM undergraduate dance majors who are interested in seeking dance certification may apply any of the following courses, taken during their undergraduate studies, toward EC-A certification: Dance 360, either 361 or 362, and 411, along with any of the required School of Education EC-A courses. The remaining dance teaching methods classes, as well as student teaching, may only be taken after formal admission to the EC-A program. 

Dance graduates holding a BA or BFA in Dance from institutions other than UWM who apply for admission to the Dance EC-A certification program: 

  1. May be subject to additional coursework.
  2. Must provide two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from the applicant's undergraduate dance program.
  3. Must contact the UWM Dance Department to schedule their participation in an Intermediate or Advanced Modern Technique class taught by a full-time faculty member.
  4. Must either provide a work sample of their own choreography, or arrange to perform a 1-2 minute example of their choreography for Dance faculty on the day in which they participate in the modern technique class.

For further information, please complete our online form. To complete the paper application, please contact the Peck School of the Arts Student Affairs Office at (414) 229-4763 or visit the Theatre Building, Room 120.

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the dance coursework. 

Dance EC-A students are required to have a laptop when they are accepted into the program. The hardware and software must meet or exceed the current departmental requirements, as stated on the website ( 

All students are expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to their health and overall conditioning in order to fulfill the department's academic requirements. Each student's ability to undertake the demands of the dance program, including his/her overall physical ability to perform in classes, auditions, rehearsals, and/or performances will be a factor in the following: grading at the end of each semester; the audition/rehearsal/performance process for departmental productions and outreach events; the Mid-Program Portfolio Review assessment; determining 'probation' status; and potentially removing a student from the program.

EC-A Certification Requirements

Requirements Credits
Required School of Education Courses
Required Dance Courses
Student teaching
  30cr. Total

The certification student is urged to participate in technique classes.  

Click here for the University Course Requirements for the K12 Certification in Dance

EC-A Certification Curriculum


Ed Psych 330 Intro to Learning and Development 3
Currins 343 Teaching of Reading  
  OR 3
Currins 545 Reading in Secondary Content Areas  
ExcEduc 300 The Exceptional Individual  
ExcEduc 531 Inclusion in Secondary Edu: Hum, Arts, FL 3
ExcEduc 605 Child, Learner, Disabilities  
Dance 360 Movement and Learning 3
Dance 361 Dance in Elementary Education 3
Dance 362 Dance in Secondary Education 3
Dance 411 Field Work in Dance 2
Dance 485, 486 Student Teaching in Elementary/Secondary 10
Total EC-A Certificate 30

ACT 31 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Requirement

Choose one of the following options:

Ethnic 203 Western Great Lakes: Am Indian Comm Life  
History 263 North American Indian History Since 1887  
  OR 3
Anthro 213 American Indian Peoples of Wisconsin  
English 276 Intro to American Indian Literature: "Literature, History and Sovereignty of Upper Midwest Indians" only.  
  Successful completion of the School of Education Act 31 workshop.  

Certification Requirements

  1. Fulfill all Dance degree and other graduation requirements; complete graduation process.

  2. Fulfill Fieldwork requirement.

  3. Earn an overall GPA of 2.75, and 3.0 in Dance courses.

  4. Passing score in all 3 sections of the PPST.

  5. Successfully complete student teaching.

  6. Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for a successful career in the field of dance education through the use of a teaching portfolio (see explanation below).

Teaching Portfolio
The Dance faculty and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) require that students compile a teaching portfolio that demonstrates teaching proficiency. The portfolio will be completed as a part of their major dance education methods, fieldwork, and student teaching course requirements aligned with Wisconsin Teaching Standards and Urban Education principles. Evidence of teaching proficiency must include: 

  1. Record of PPST passing scores.
  2. Transcript demonstrating overall 2.75 GPA, and 3.0 in dance classes.
  3. Copy of current resume.
  4. Lesson plans written and taught in fieldwork and student teaching courses.
  5. Examples of student work in video and photo formats.
  6. Statement of teaching and learning philosophy.
  7. Written evaluations and completed assessment rubrics from cooperating teachers, university supervising teachers, and methods class instructors.
  8. Self-evaluations based on early fieldwork and student teaching experiences.
  9. Documentation of personal artistry.
  10. Mastery of the 10 Wisconsin teaching standards.

EC-A Certification Opportunities

The K-12 Certification in Dance will qualify you for:  

  1. Teaching positions (dance/movement) in Wisconsin Public School systems (as well as private schools)
  2. Public school teaching positions in the 17 other states that have reciprocal licensure arrangements with Wisconsin