University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Design Research Institute

Design Talk Lecture Series:

All Lectures take place at the UWM Design Research Institute, Kenilworth Square East and are Free and Open to the Public!

The Design Research Institute’s key goals are to educate students for the future, to foster innovative, creative research, and engage with the community through education and connections to area organizations and businesses. These goals will strengthen development of the Midwest Creative Corridor, linking creating creative disciplines, innovation, and entrepreneurship from Chicago to Milwaukee to Madison and Minneapolis.


The Design Research Institute applies design thinking to creative research. We use the expertise and experience of artists and designers to collaborate, research, and build knowledge for the future. We transfer creative thinking into practical contributions to industry, community, and cultural life.

Upcoming Events

DRI Meetup, TBA

Design Entrepreneur Showcase,
December 6, 5:00 pm, Grand Ave. Mall,
MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee) Plankinton Building, 2nd floor.
UWM Peck School of the Arts Design and Visual Communications students.

MKE: reVISION, presentations on revitalizing downtown Milwaukee,
by UWM students in Honors Seminar:
The Designed World, December 13, 11:30-1:30,
Grand Ave. Mall, MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee) Plankinton Building, 2nd floor.

Resolution 2013, UWM Capstone Show in Design and Visual Communication,
Kenilworth Square East, May 3, 5:30 pm and May 4, 12:30 pm.
Free and open to the public.


Research in the Arts (TBA fall 2013),
Peck School of the Arts’ Design Research Institute and Institute of Visual Arts (Inova)


Data Visualization for non-profits Information Design (TBA 2013)

Current Projects

Data Visualization Workshops

For the Planning Council for Health and Human Services
November 2012 – January 2013.
Held at the UWM School of Public Health.

Design Education @ UWM:

Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes in Art and Design:

  • User Centered Design Innovation: ART-427, Adream Blair, Associate Professor in Art and Design.
    This course takes students through the design process from brainstorming to manufacturing while looking to develop innovative products focused on universal design for the home. Art 427 Advanced Design Workshop. Taught with Occupational Therapy 590 Topics in Occupational Therapy: User Centered Design Innovation, Jay Kapellusch, Assistant Professor and Center for Ergonomics faculty member.

Entrepreneurship in Milwaukee

IMRSE (Initiative of Milwaukee Regional Startup Educators) Educators gather to meet and discuss best practices in entrepreneurship


coming soon...


Upcoming job opportunities and Internships

Advisory Board

The DRI Advisory Board is an all-volunteer group, serving an advisory role to the DRI Director.

  • Ilya V Avdeev, Asst. Professor, UWM Mechanical Engineering, and co-founder of the UWM Student Startup Challenge
  • Adream Blair, Associate Professor, Design and Visual Communication, Department of Art and Design
  • Paul Krajniak, Director, Discovery World
  • Ken Hanson, principle, Hanson-Dodge
  • Julia Taylor, President, Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Arijit Sen, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning,