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Film Facilities

The Film Department consists of classrooms, a shooting studio, assorted post-production facilities for film and video, a sound studio, and 100 and 300 seat theaters. There is studio space for graduate students and faculty located nearby. The Film Department also provides in-house black & white reversal film processing, as well as twenty-four hour access to editing facilities.

Primarily situated in venerable Mitchell Hall, the Film Department also maintains studio and classroom facilities in other PSOA buildings, including the newly renovated Kenilworth Square East.

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Fine Arts Cinema The Department houses a 100-seat, sloped-floor cinema with comfortable seating and Xenon-Arc film and high-resolution video projection. Works by visiting artists, faculty & students, as well as prints from the Cinema Arts Archive are screened regularly. For festivals and other events, the Department has access to the 300-seat Union Theater with 35mm/16mm film and video projection.

Film Production Students have their choice of 3- CP 16R or Éclair NPR, 16mm cameras for sync-sound production. 33 Reflex Bolex and 3-Arriflex S cameras round out our inventory. Support includes friction and fluid-head tripods. For those shooting on location, numerous, portable Lowell lighting kits are available. For special effects and scientific work, two high-speed 16mm cameras are accessible.

Video Production The Department maintains a sizable fleet of full-featured 3 chip Mini DV camcorders. Also available are lapel mics; cardioid, hyper-cardioid and stereo handheld mics; shotgun and short-shotgun mics, PZM mics and wireless microphones. Gitzo tripods, portable lighting kits, boom poles and grip equipment are available.

Photography Facilities In addition to full wet lab facilities, students have a newly renovated digital lab with input/output devices, including multiple printers.

Animation Studio One Oxberry 16 animation stand & one Marron Carrol 16/35 animation stand are available. There are two Mitchell 16 cameras dedicated to animation. A mirror table is available for multi-level cutout animation. The studio has drawing compounds and rotoscope projectors. "Video Lunchbox" digital frame recorders are on hand for video assist.

Lighting Studio A 24' X 36 space with lighting grid and Mole Richardson fixtures is located in the basement of the Music Bldg, Room B-60.

16mm Film Processing For a $25 per production course, per semester fee, students receive unlimited in-house processing for 16mm black & white reversal films. Film processing runs occur about four times per week during the fall and spring semesters.

Sound Production Field recording equipment includes recorders, 6 DAT recorders, 25-Sony TCD-5M cassette recorders and 200 Hi-Minidisc recorders. Microphones include Sennheiser MKH 60's, 816's, Audio Technica 4033 , Electro-Voice DL-42, RE-20', 15' &10's, Telex wireless microphones, and a variety of Sony, Beyer and Sound Professional lavalieres. Rode Nt3 Hypercardioid and Nt4 Stereo microphones are available for field recording.

Sound Post-Production Sound design and final mixing for films and videos is supported by the Digital Audio Arts lab. This lab is an Apple computer/Logic Audio-based lab with surround sound capability. There is an analog recording studio comprised of a Tascam TSR8 recorder,16x8x2 Allen & Heath Mixer, a sound isolation booth and assorted signal processors. Large diaphragm condenser and dynamic microphones are available.

Video Post-Production A Final Cut Pro editing lab with Apple G5 computers form the base of the editing lab. Record decks, basic film to video transfer equipment and dvd burning facilitate use and creation of a variety of video formats.

Film Post-Production In addition to Macintosh-based non-linear systems, students have access to 4-plate and 6-plate Steenbecks for 16mm film editing. A six deck 16mm Mag Interlock System is available for multiple track transfers for post-production on to digital audio workstations.

Optical Printing High Quality 16mm optical work can be achieved with the Research Products printer and the Acme camera. Students also have access to two 16mm/Super-8 JK printers.

UWM Cinema Arts Archive In cooperation with the Golda Meir Library, the UWM Film Department houses a large collection of independently produced 16mm fine art films. Public Screenings of these films occur regularly in the UWM Fine Arts Cinema and VHS copies of most of the films are available from the Media Services window in the Reserve Section, East Wing, of the Golda Meir Library for students to view and study.


Video Camcorders
(1) Canon HD camcorder
(4) Panasonic DVX100A miniDV camcorder
(25) Sony TRV-33 miniDV camcorder
(5) Sony VX-1000 3ccd miniDV camcorder
(6) Sony TRV-900 3ccd miniDV camcorder

16 mm Cameras
(33) Bolex reflex w/ various prime & zoom lenses
(45) Bell & Howell 70DR non-reflex, w/ prime lenses and light meter
(2) Arri-S w/ prime lenses and accessories
CP-16R with 12-120 Angenieux lens (Sync)
(2) CP-16A with 12-120 Angenieux lens (Sync)
Auricon (for video to film transfer)

Audio Equipment
(200) Sony HIMD audio recording packages
(2) Sony TCD-5M cassette sync recorders
(5) Tascam DA-P1 DAT recorder w/ headphones
(6) Sony TCD-5M stereo cassette recorders w/ headphones
Sennheiser MKH-816 shotgun microphone
Audio Technica 835 short shotgun microphone
(30) Rode NT3 hyper-cardiod microphone
(24) Electrovoice RE-10 cardioid microphone
(6) Electrovoice RE-45 hyper-cardioid microphone
Electrovoice RE-20 large diaphragm cardioid microphone
(25) Realistic PZM microphone
(74) Sound Proffessional lapel microphones
(10) boom-poles

Support and lighting equipment
(5) Miller fluid-head tripods, with spreaders
(60) Gitzo Studex tripods
(20) Lowell "Tube Kit", 2 lights
(8) Lowell "Elemental Kit", 3 lights
(20) Sekonic LM-398 light meters
(11) Gossen Luna-pro light meters
(1) Pentax V spot meter

Computer Equipment:
(20) Macintosh (g5, g4) based workstations supporting a variety of applications for audio, video and multimedia production and post production.

Additional Equipment:
Student film and video projects are also supported by access to hundreds of small but essential parts and accessories too numerous to name. This equipment can range from specialized lenses to the ordinary audio adapters.

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