University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Ericka Frederick

Recruitment and Industry Liaison
MFA (Film), UW-Milwaukee, 2012
BFA (Dance), University of Michigan

(414) 229-6015

As a modern dance major at the University of Michigan, Ericka Frederick created films as backdrops to her choreography, and integrated these films into live performances. At 20, she owned her own production company in Detroit (Sluggo Films) through which she made music videos, commercials and training films. Since then Ericka has maintained a strong career in the film industry, producing several independent short and feature films including the short film By Courier which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001. She also worked for Eastman Kodak for over 14 years as a sales and marketing executive. Highly involved in her community, she serves with several not-for-profits and a variety of international film festival advisory boards.