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Film Festivals

UWM Peck School films at Cannes - May 15-26, 2013

For the third consecutive year, UWM Film will be proudly represented at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. This year, a total of fourteen films by UWM students, faculty, and alumni have been accepted into the festival’s Short Film Corner, making 2013 our most successful year to date! In addition, four students will be serving in internship positions with The American Pavilion, the center of activity for the American film community at the festival.

In terms of both showcased films and student intern representatives, UWM Film’s presence at Cannes has more than doubled since last year - further reinforcing and deepening the program's world-class reputation.

Below is the list of accepted UWM films and filmmakers for the 2013 Cannes Court Metrage Short Film Corner, running May 15-26.

Studies in Space - Tate Bunker, Alum/Faculty
Lines - Giorgi Mrevlishvili, Graduate Student
Confessions of an Alcoholic - Scott Holewinski, Alum
Anna - Emily Downes, Alum
Strings of Color - Sharan Mohanodoss Balaguru, Undergraduate
Within A Stone's Throw - Cecelia Condit, Faculty
A Quiet City - Brian McGuire, Graduate Student
The Boundary In Between - Jeon Junehyuck, Graduate Student
And None Better Than An Old Man - Josh Weissbach, Graduate Student
Happy Birthday - Ericka Frederick, Alum/Faculty
From the Darkness Theatre - Michael Viers, Undergraduate
Johnny Washday: Cigar Box Guitars - Gregory Bishop, Undergraduate
Shaved - Alexander Headley, Undergraduate
Moon Pelt – Sarah Stevens, Graduate Student

Somewhere in Between by Kellie Bronikowski (Graduate Student)

Kellie Bronikowski produced Somewhere in Between as her graduate thesis during the last three years of her father’s life. She describes her visually engaging and emotionally moving film as “a portrait of my dad and an attempt on my part to encompass his life, as he was, as he is."

Nowhere and Everywhere by Giorgi Mrevlishvili (Graduate Student)

Giorgi Mrevlishvili, a 1st year graduate student from Tbilisi, in the country of Georgia, produced his 6-minute short, Nowhere and Everywhere, on the shore of Lake Michigan. His protagonist, portrayed by Milwaukee actor Michael Denk, is presented with a most persistent challenge that appears to follow him throughout his life.

The End by Julie Wolterstorff (Graduate Student)

The End, by 1st year MFA student Julie Wolterstorff, is the highly stylized depiction of a dreamlike vision that is both peaceful and disturbing. The film presents the question, “Last night I saw the it your end?”

3 Miles East by Samuel Karow (Alumni)

Samuel Karow’s 3 Miles East, is a personal documentary that explores the filmmaker’s quandary whether to inherit his parent’s greenhouse business in Central Wisconsin or to pursue a career in film. A May 2011 graduate of the Film BFA program, Sam’s film was shot as his senior thesis project. Back in Marshfield, he is currently starting his own organic farm, and this fall he will be collaborating with fellow alumnus Andrew Britton on a new feature film.

Periphery by Jon Phillips (Alumni)

Recent BFA graduate Jon Phillips also produced his film, Periphery, as his senior thesis project. Jon describes his 6-minute short as “a psychological thriller, set in a classroom.”

periphery by jon phillips

A Polish Easter in Chicago by Dick Blau (Faculty)

Dick Blau's A Polish Easter in Chicago, is a photofilm that opens up new vistas of cinematic time and space. Photographed in Chicago’s Holy Trinity Cathedral, Blau's film depicts Easter in Polonia, looking at the ritual, the place and the interplay between priests and congregation, watching the ceremony come alive. As the film unfolds in a series of slow dissolves, we also are treated to a very rich soundtrack, which mixes the unearthly sounds of the liturgy with the earthbound sounds of the gathered mass of humanity to animate the ghostly cathedral.