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Film Curious?

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Introduction to Experimental Media (Film 201 Spring) / Current Topics in Media Arts Production (Film 202 Fall)
Revel in all things cinema in these two classes that showcase the enticing and artistic possibilities of experimental media, historical and contemporary. Weekly screenings, discussion, and creative investigations. No prerequisites except an openness to perceptions and filmic experiences perhaps new to you!

Introduction to Animation (Film 232)
Introduction to single-frame cinematic principles and techniques including drawing, collage, and kinetic analysis for short animated film projects.

Introduction to the Screenplay (Film 234)
Approaches to screenwriting from both artistic and professional points of view from the cultivation of an idea to the realization of a scenario.

Media Workshop (Film 203)
Topic choices include: The Creative Voice, Film and the Entertainment Industry, Introduction to the Narrative, Character Design and Animation, Seeing and Imagining, and more!

Multicultural America (Film 150)
Cross-cultural study of U.S. ethnic and racial identities through materials drawn from a variety of media arts practices (e.g. film, photography, new media) with attention to African-, Asian-, Hispanic- and Native American experiences.

Conversations with Filmmakers and Critics (Film 301)
Lectures, screenings, discussions and creative projects involving a range topics -- the Horror Film, Illusion and Special FX, Rock ‘n Roll on Film, Cartoons, Animation and the Graphic Novel, Social Themes in Narrative Films and others.

Film & Experience (Film 114)
Consideration of film as an experience--aesthetic, physical, psychological, social, and historical--for both the filmmaker and the viewer.

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