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Courses open to ALL UWM students. See course listing below to identify those classes which satisfy GER requirements.

114 (214) - Film and Experience: The Filmmaker and the Viewer
Consideration of film as an experience--aesthetic, physical, psychological, social, and historical--for both the filmmaker and the viewer.

116 - Listening and Recording
Development of perceptual and expressive competencies using low-cost tools, fieldwork, and the web in response to historical and contemporary issues facing media artists.

117 - Filmmaking Technologies and Techniques
Fundamentals of still & motion picture image making, incl lighting, exposure, composition, digital transfer.

150 - Multicultural America (A, CD)
Cross-cultural study of U.S. ethnic and racial identities through materials drawn from a variety of media arts practices (e.g. film, photography, new media) with attention to African-, Asian-, Hispanic- and Native American experiences.

201 (101) - Introduction to Experimental Media Arts
Survey of independent media art production in film, video, photography and emerging media from the artist's point of view. Lectures, screenings, and workshops exploring ideas and techniques relevant to the making of personal statements.

202 (102) - Current Topics in Media Arts Production
Lectures, screening, discussions, and workshops in media arts production from the artist's point of view. Development of ideas/proposals for possible production in subsequent film department courses.

†203 - Media Workshop
Lab tutorial consisting of intermedia exercises and class projects. Specific credits announced in Schedule of Classes whenever course is offered.

232 - Animation I
Introduction to single-frame cinematic principles and techniques including drawing, collage, and kinetic analysis for short animated film projects.

234 - Introduction to the Screenplay
Approaches to screenwriting from both artistic and professional points of view from the cultivation of an idea to the realization of a scenario.

†301 - Conversations with Filmmakers and Critics (A)
Lectures, screenings, and discussions by contemporary filmmakers and critics. Subjects of presentation will include the contemporary state of the art, the condition of the industry, and the relations of film to a critique of the culture.