2013 Festival Schedule

Thursday, October 17, 2013

7:30 I Am Divine

Opening Night!
Showing at Oriental Theatre

(Jeffrey Schwarz, 98min., 2013)

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Opening Nighnt Sposors: Bronze Optical, Cream City Foundation, Joseph R. Pabst, Jack H. Smith of Shorewest Realtors, Quest and Outbound Magazines, Wisconsin Gazette, The Business Journal, Serving Greater Milwaukee, WMSE 91.7 FM, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Community Co-Presenters: Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Outwords Books, Classic Slice, Portrait Society Gallery
Campus Partner:
UWM LGBT Campus Partners

Now it can be told! The true story of the Filthiest Woman Alive! Divine – AKA Harris Glenn Milstead – the once teased Baltimore youth (chubby, effeminate) who, working with friend and neighborhood Svengali John Waters, unleashed an in-your-face proto-punk power to become a drag Molotov cocktail, a legendary stage performer, and a movie star like none other (ever). Jeffrey Schwarz – the director whose filmic chronicles of LGBT life includes the justly acclaimed Vito – has choreographed a dynamite assembly, marshaling a smorgasbord of a life into a clip-rich, vivid history that follows Divine from her, and Waters', still shocking movies, to a stage and recording career, to the brink of success in something known as "the mainstream." (Divine was to start taping episodes of Married…with Children, as "Uncle Otto," the day after he died.) Always unchecked, anarchically oversized, Divine spat in the face of the status quos of body image, gender identity, sexuality, preconceived notions of beauty, you name it. And that was all before breakfast! Like the subject it celebrates, this film is a welcome blast: no anomalous sideshow character, Divine remains smart, daring, entertaining, essential. Divine: now more than ever!

Please join us afterwards at Beans and Barley for a reception.

Friday, October 18, 2013

5pm Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

(Dawn Logsdon, Stephen Silha, & Eric Slade, 83min., 2012)

Free Screening
Community Co-Presenters: Woodland Pattern Book Center, Sage/Milwaukee, a program of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Milwaukee Gay Arts Center
Campus Partners: UWM Libraries, UWM Dance Department, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Media Sponsor: The Onion: A.V. Club

A suitably high-spirited documentary that celebrates the ground-breaking artist James Broughton's passionate embrace of a life of pansexual transcendence and the fiercely independent mantra of "follow your own weird." In telling the story of Broughton's life, the film shares so many bohemian histories: the post-war San Francisco artistic Renaissance; Broughton's career as an experimental filmmaker and poet, creating work both joyous and formally randy; his celebration of the human body (AKA nudity) as in his 1968 film The Bed; his late-in-life partnering (he found his soulmate at the age of 61); and his ascendancy as a revered bard of sexual liberation. Broughton made work that still has a remarkable sweetness and sense of play, and this winning documentary honors him by unfurling those qualities so fully.

WinnerHonorable Mention, Outstanding Documentary, Frameline 2013

Stay tuned: Look for a program of 16mm films at Woodland Pattern Book Center on November 22 to celebrate Broughton's centennial! (b. November 10, 1913)

7pm Reaching for the Moon (Flores Rares)

(Bruno Barreto, Brazil, in English and Portuguese with Portuguese subtitles, 118min., 2013)

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Sponsors: PrideFest, Lesbian Fund
Community Co-Presenters:
Lesbian Alliance, Woodland Pattern Book Center
Campus Partners
: UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM Center for International Education, UWM Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

In 1951, the American poet Elizabeth Bishop traveled to Brazil, in search of a "geographic cure," and, as shared in the lush Reaching for the Moon, she blossomed there, losing her Yankee reticence to write, and to love. She fell, hard, for the architect Lota de Macedo Soares. Aswoon to the life that her new relationship wrote for her, Bishop stayed on 12 years. It wasn't easy, and one of the pleasures of this satisfyingly moving biopic are the messy complications kindled by two working artists working to make a life together: Bishop, a poet of increasing accomplishment, and Soares, a driven architect who takes on the ambitious project of Rio's Flamengo Park. And all this while attempting to maintain a household with Lota's ex and her child. Hardships upend bliss, and this is a romance, that, however passionately embraced, is one rocked by alcoholism, separation, political upheaval, and loss.

WinnerAudience Award, Best Feature Film, Frameline 2013 AND Outfest 2013

9:30pm Adulthood, Approximately: An Evening of Men's Shorts

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Sponsors: PrideFest, The Tool Shed, BESTD Clinic, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Art-Bar Riverwest, Milwaukee GAMMA Community
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Sixteenth Street Community Health Center/HIV Department
Campus Partners:
UWM LGBT Alumni Chapter, UWM LGBT Resource Center

Coming of age is not just for the adolescents in this menagerie of international and award winning men's shorts. Heartbreak, personal quests (to retrieve discarded porn, albeit), and general awkwardness all cross the men in these stories. To screen: Jackpot (Adam Baran, USA, 10 min., 2012); Adults Only (Michael J. Saul, USA, 26 min., 2013); Yeah Kowalski! (Evan Roberts, USA, 10 min., 2012); Kiss Me Softly (Anthony Schatteman, Belgium, in Dutch with English subtitles, 16 min., 2012); For Dorian (Rodrigo Barriuso, Canada, 16 min., 2012); and more!

Join us for drinks and chatter afterwards at Art-Bar Riverwest - 722. E. Burleigh.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

11am I Am A Woman Now

(Michiel van Erp, The Netherlands, in English, French, German, and Dutch, with English subtitles, 86min., 2011)

Free Screening
Sponsors: PFLAG-Milwaukee
Community Co-Presenters: FORGE,
T-fair, SAGE/Milwaukee, a program of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Campus Partners: UWM Center for International Education, UWM Libraries, UWM LGBT Studies Certificate Program, UWM LGBT Resource Center

I Am A Woman Now portrays five Europeans, all of a certain age, who are among the first generation of trans women. The documentary immerses us in the lives of these pioneers, all of whom traveled, in the 1950s and 60s, to the same clinic in Casablanca to work with the 'miracle doctor', Georges Burou. In generous conversation, these women – April, Colette, Jean, Marie-Pierre, and Corrine, all such good company – warmly and openly reflect back, across five decades, on the decisions made, and the lives they have lived.

1pm The New Black

(Yoruba Richen, 80min., 2013)

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Sponsors: Diverse and Resilient, Fair Wisconsin
Campus Partners:
UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM Inclusive Excellence Center and the Year on Belief and Belonging, courtesy of the Baye Foundation
Media Sponsors: Wisconsin Gazette, Queer Program

Framed around last November's historic fight for marriage equality in Maryland, The New Black portrays pastors and activists, families and politicians, as it explores the divisions in the African American community around civil rights for LGBT people. It is a portrait of a community actively grappling: Yoruba Richen's immersive documentary is on the street, in the pews, and at kitchen tables to catch a community in dialogue, contending with evolving histories and understandings of what constitutes a civil right for all. Working with remarkable access, The New Black documents in particular the role of the church, and right wing efforts to exploit these influential institutions in pursuit of an anti-gay political agenda.

WinnerBest Documentary, Audience Award, Philadelphia's QFest & Frameline 2013

Reception and panel discussion to follow.

3pm Valencia

(Peter Anthony, Sharon Barnes Rubenstein, Aubree Bernier-Clarke, Cary Cronenwett, Bug Davidson, Cheryl Dunye, Lares Feliciano, Dia Felix, Hilary Goldberg, Silas Howard, Alexa Inkeles, Michelle Lawler, Jerry Lee, Olivia Parriott, Jill Soloway, Sara St. Martin Lynne, Samuael Topiary, Courtney Trouble, and Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans, 100 min., 2012)

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Community Co-Presenters: FORGE, Lesbian Alliance, Queer Zine Archive Project
Campus Partners:
UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM LGBT Studies Certificate Program, UWM Center for 21st Century Studies, Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
Media Sponsor: 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Like its avid, open-minded, and ready-to-take-risks heroine, this adaptation of Michelle Tea's essential novel/memoir about queer women in 1990s San Francisco is wonderfully and productively restless in its pursuit of a way to be. Identity and desire, after all, can only be so fixed. Our heroine Michelle is in between relationships, mostly, or longing after a new one, and things get messy. Valencia honors its source with an appropriately antic mode of storytelling. The film is an anthology of approaches, a different director adapting each chapter of Tea's book, with each "Michelle" played by a different performer – of different genders, races, dispositions. (One of the Michelle's is played by UWM's own Shawna Lipton who will be in attendance!) Valencia is named for a street in San Francisco, and this funny, rueful, uncontained film is an expansive and so-not-gentrified neighborhood of episodes and attitudes, loves lost and maybe won.

5pm In the Name of (W Imie...)

(Malgoska Szumowska, Poland, in Polish with English subtitles, 97min., 2012)

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Community Co-Presenters:
Milwaukee Film
Campus Partners:
UWM Center for International Education, UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Inclusive Excellence Center and the Year on Belief and Belonging, courtesy of the Baye Foundation
Media Sponsor:
Shepherd Express

A beautifully told story of love – and a chilling depiction of repression – about the life of a closeted priest in rural Poland who risks a declaration that challenges the very foundation of his faith and sworn mission. Adam works on the outskirts of the world, a Polish village that is, like his profession, a form of exile. He became a priest at 21, a calling pursued as a flight from his sexuality. Now he toils – charismatically, commandingly – with young men on the rebound out of reform school. When he meets Lukasz, the strange and taciturn son of a local family, Adam finds himself newly tested. What is most impressive about Szumowska's exquisitely made film is the moral universe she charts: desire and acceptance here are understandable sanctuaries from the quotidian brutality of this largely male world already harsh with judgment.

WinnerTeddy Award for Best Feature Film, 2013 Berlin Film Festival

7pm En Garde! An Evening of Women's Shorts

Women's Shorts
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Sponsors: PrideFest, The Tool Shed, Art Bar-Riverwest
Community Co-Presenters: Lesbian Alliance, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Campus Partners: UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM LGBT Alumni Chapter

Whether in love or war, these women are on their toes, ready to lunge in for a first kiss or step back to the defensive, parrying the advances of a young student or of time itself. To screen: Allez (Oliver Tonning, Denmark, in Danish with English subtitles, 16 min., 2011); Shopping (Will Kuether, Australia, 6 min., 2011); Lucy, 4:57 PM (Michael Thomas Vassallo & Nadine Vassallo, USA, 10 min., 2013); Neighbors (Eli Navarro, Spain, in Spanish with English subtitles, 15 min., 2012); Declaration (Hernan Touzon, Argentina, in Spanish with English subtitles, 5 min., 2011) and more!

Also: a sneak peak at Lois Bielefeld’s forthcoming local portrait: Ladies Out!

9pm Stranger by the Lake (L'Iconnu du Lac)

(Alain Guiraudie, in French with English subtitles, 97min., 2013)

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BESTD Clinic
Community Co-Presenters: Outwords Books
Campus Partners:
UWM Center for International Education, UWM Festival of Films in French

Franck cruises the beach regularly, idling away time in conversation, waiting for a new hook-up. Once he meets Michel, however, he thinks he has found a serious connection, one that he won't refuse even after, he is almost certain, he witnesses Michel in an act of violence. A movie of compelling desultoriness, the eventual thriller Stranger by the Lake is almost ethnographic in its approach to the habitués of a lakeside cruising ground, the film's only locale. (As with any movie about such activity, this film is about a particularly heightened kind of waiting, about expectations thwarted and engaged.) Likened to both Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Bresson, director Guiraudie has made a film of developing unease that is both austere and, please note, hardcore explicit, void of sensationalism even if it is a studied re-visiting, of sorts, of William Freidkin's once notorious Cruising. On the film's acclaimed director, the 2013 New York Film Festival (where this film will make its U.S. debut just a couple of weeks before our screening): "Guiraudie captures naked bodies and hardcore sex with the same matter-of-fact sensuousness that he brings to ripples on the water and the fading light of dusk."

WinnerQueer Palm & Best Director, Un Certain Regard, 2013 Cannes Film Festival

11pm She Said Boom: The Story of the Fifth Column

(Kevin Hegge, Canada, Germany, USA, 64min., 2012)

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Community Co-Presenters:
Green Gallery, Lesbian Alliance, Queer Zine Archive Project,
Campus Partners:
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM LGBT Resource Center
Media Sponsors:
88Nine Radio Milwaukee, Riverwest Radio

A documentary of the landmark post-punk group Fifth Column, three Toronto women who, starting in 1981, formed a band whose boundary-less creative politics fomented trans-disciplinary collaborations with musicians, filmmakers, zine artists, and outsiders of all sorts. Caroline Azar, Beverly Breckenridge, and G.B. Jones, in other words, inspired and made a scene, Fifth Column foundational to histories of Queercore and Riot Grrrl. The film itself can be appreciated as a DIY primer, so rich the testimonies to and chronicled demonstrations of this vanguard's inclusivity and insurgent energies. Such a story of frontline cultural workers operating outside of capitalism is not often told making the so-cool She Said Boom as essential as it is edifying and revivifying. Also featured: Bruce LaBruce, Kathleen Hanna, and Vaginal Davis.

With: She Had Her Gun Already
(Vivienne Dick, Super8 on 16mm, 28min., 1978.)
No Wave filmmaker Vivienne Dick's gritty narrative tracking the power dynamics between two women, played by Pat Place and Lydia Lunch.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

11am Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution (Lesbiana – Une Révolution Parallèlle)

(Myriam Fougère, Canada, 63min., 2012)

Free Screening

Community Co-Presenters: Lesbian Alliance, SAGE/Milwaukee, a program of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Campus Partners: UWM Festival of Films in French, UWM Libraries, UWM Women's Resource Center, UWM Center for Women Studies, Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies at UWM

A remarkable cross-continent journey to meet the lesbian writers, philosophers, artists, and activists who, in the 1970s, were stirred by the feminist movement to create intentional communities and live only among other women. Rich with archival materials, a resistance to any kind of unified assessment, and warm, captivating interviews with an effortlessly diverse array of women.

With: SuperDyke
(Barbara Hammer, 16mm, 20min., 1975)
A troop of shield-bearing Amazons take over San Francisco.

1pm Bwakaw

(Jun Robles Lana, Philippines, in English and Tagalog with English subtitles, 110min., 2012)

Free Screening

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Sponsors: Dog Days at Lynden Sculpture Garden, Cream City Foundation, PFLAG-Milwaukee
Community Co-Presenters: Fop and Hounds, a program of the Portrait Society Gallery, SAGE/Milwaukee, a program of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Wisconsin Humane Society Safe Haven Program
Campus Partners: UWM Center for International Education, UWM LGBT Resource Center
Media Sponsor: WUWM 89.7 FM

A tender tale – at times wildly funny, at other times a tear-jerker – of loneliness and old age, and of one man and his dog. Rene is in his 70's, his only companion a once-stray dog named "Bwakaw." Together they live on the outskirts of (a vividly portrayed) small village, lodgings now crowded with a coffin, his coffin, that he has already bought. (It was on sale and the funeral parlor storing it for him had to close.) Rene only came out in his 60's, and, now, nearing the end of a life not fully lived and trying to negotiate his regrets, he wonders about the isolation he helped sustain, the connections not risked. Mostly, he is cranky: barking at those who try to tolerate his cantankerous self, yelling at moto-taxi drivers, for instance, who charge extra for canines. But, stirred by new attractions, Rene hazards new relationships and a new idea of himself. Starring Eddie Garcia as Rene, in a performance already considered legendary, and Princess as the loyal, unquestioning Bwakaw.

3pm Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

(Pratibha Parmar, UK/USA, 82min., 2013)

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Sponsors: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, UWM Union Programming
Community Co-Presenters: Boswell Books, Lesbian Alliance
Campus Partners:
Community Media Project, UWM Libraries, UWM Center for Women's Studies, UWM Women's Resource Center,

A beautifully unfolding documentary about the life of the Pulitzer prize-winning writer and human rights activist that is as compelling and complicated, rich and surprising, personal and political as its subject. The film follows Walker from her life as a sharecropper's daughter to her landmark literary accomplishments and on to the global stage where her political advocacy has directed her. So many histories shared– the struggle for civil rights for African Americans, for women, here and abroad – and Walker emerges as a strikingly resolute individual, independent in her smarts and dedications, impressively irreducible by any category. Rich in testimony, the film features such luminaries as Angela Davis, Jewelle Gomez, Gloria Steinem, and Howard Zinn, but this is no mere parade of talking heads. Working with the commanding Walker, director Pratibha Parmar deftly weaves a tapestry of language and history, conversation and personality, into a beautiful, inspiring, and edifying portrait.

Join Planned Parenthood afterwards for a discussion, reception, and more in the Wisconsin Room Lounge (just west of the Theatre). Thank you to UWM Union Programming for this reception!

5pm Rogue: An Evening of Trans* Shorts

Trans* ShortsBuy Tickets Online
Sponsor: PrideFest Community
FORGE, T-fair, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Campus Partners:
UWM LGBT Studies Certificate Program, UWM Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, UWM LGBT Alumni Chapter, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Families, homes, bodies, lovers and a diamond studded walker. Follow as this group of characters and subjects assert themselves to the rest of the world in a program that addresses uncompromising pasts and identities through the documentary and the surreal, the desired and the discarded. To screen: Undress Me (Victor Lindgren, Sweden, in Swedish with English subtitles, 15 min., 2012); She Gone Rogue (Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, USA, 22 min., 2012); Body Dialectic (Matt Fillmore, USA, 13 min., 2013); Akin (Chase Joynt, Canada, 8 min., 2012); and more!

WinnerShe Gone Rogue - Jury Award, Outstanding Experimental Short, Outfest 2013, Undress Me - Teddy Award for Best Short, 2013 Berlin Film Festival

7pm Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

(Arvin Chen, Taiwan, in Mandarin and Min Yan with English subtitles, 104min., 2013)

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Sponsors:Bronze Optical, PFLAG-Milwaukee
Community Co-Presenter:
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Campus Partners: UWM Center for International Education, UWM LGBT Resource Center, Florentine Opera Camerata
Media Sponsors:
Quest and Outbound Magazines, The Business Journal, Serving Greater Milwaukee, Queer Program

Such a genuinely sweet movie! Weichung is dutiful and steadfast: as a husband and father; as an optometrist. But a new customer – a most dapper airline steward – resets his focus. Yes, this encounter unloosens Weichung's feelings, but such a condition seems to be going around. Everyone seems addled by longings untethered: his increasingly estranged wife Feng, his oft-married sister Mandy, and her recently rejected fiancé San-San are all wondering after something or someone else. Lucky for them they are all in a movie that breathes the air of romantic fantasy, so successfully whimsical and casually magical is Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? that it nimbly makes room for musical numbers, fictional soap opera characters sprung from television sets, and various forms of levitation. "Uplift" is the word here. A movie of genuine delight, this film entertains such great generosity in its disregard of convention – in terms of relationships and film form – as it embraces the possibilities of romance.

of all of your hearts!