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Film Outreach / Workshops

UWM Production Club

production clubProduction Club is a group of students, alumni, and filmmakers who aspire to build a professional working environment for film students through social interaction and collaboration on and off set. We aim to familiarize students with professional practice by helping them be part of larger, local film productions in Milwaukee. Along with hosting workshops by professionals to discuss various elements of film production (such as software, cinematography, lighting) the club focuses on hands-on experience, with its members creating a short film together each year. Production Club's films are shot with industry-quality equipment with each member focusing on a specific role within the production of the film. From pre-production all the way to post-production, members learn the specifics of collaborative film production so the skills learned can be applied to their lives as budding filmmakers. Production Club is funded through UWM SAC funds and community support.

All current UWM students are welcome to join or attend any meeting-- Come check it out, see what we're all about!

In Fall 2013, we hold meetings every WEDNESDAY evening at 7pm @ UWM Mitchell Hall, Room B91

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