University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Film Screenings

On-campus film and video screening and exhibition is varied and offers students the opportunity to see both contemporary and historical works by American independent film/videomakers as well as by international artists.

The Film Department provides weekly screenings of short films and videotapes programmed by faculty members. In addition, filmmakers and video artists regularly visit the Department to present their works and talk to students. The Community Media Project (CMP) offers production workshops to minority youth at various community sites in Milwaukee. In addition, the CMP screens films and videotapes by artists of African-American descent as well as work from Africa, the Caribbean, and Great Britain. At the end of each semester, juniors and seniors screen their projects, and students organize the juried Student Film and Video Festival.

Other series include Experimental Tuesdays a collaboration between the department and the UWM Union Theatre; the off-campus Experimental Film/Video series at Woodland Pattern; and the annual Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival.

Experimental Tuesdays

A collaboration between the UWM Film Department and the UWM Union Theatre, Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Theatre offers free bi-monthly screenings of the most recent and most celebrated in experimental work, in 35mm, 16mm, and video. A standout venue for a parade of visiting filmmakers, including Leighton Pierce, Robert Beavers, Lewis Klahr, the series has also offered rare local screenings of films from such important makers as Chantal Akerman, Jean Luc-Godard, Jean Painleve, Michael Snow, Leslie Thornton, Werner Herzog, Hollis Frampton and others. The series has also served as the local host for touring programs of films from such premiere showcases as the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the MadCat International Womens Film Festival.

Note: Not always on Tuesdays. All films take place at 7 p.m. in the Union Theatre unless otherwise indicated.

Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series

Unspooling on the final Friday of each month (with some exceptions) at Wisconsin's premiere literary center, the Experimental Film/Video series at Woodland Pattern offers a regular program of alternative work, the contemporary and the canonical, in 16mm, video and Super8. Screenings have featured Su Friedrich, David Gatten, Jack Smith, Joseph Cornell, Nathaniel Dorsky, Stan Brakhage, Marie Menken and Storm De Hirsch. The series has also featured visiting artists Diane Kitchen, Peggy Ahwesh, Jennifer Montgomery, and Jennifer Reeder. And, every once in a while, group screenings have been presented, with work centered around such themes as urban street life, scandals of William Jefferson Clinton, educational films, and Frank O'Hara's birthday. More information at: