University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


August 20 - September 26
Opening Reception: August 20, 5-8 pm

Location: INOVA/Kenilworth
Cost: Free


Jacob Ciocci
Sabine Gruffat
Shana Moulton
Sterling Ruby
Spencer Sweeney
David Witzling
Scott Wolniak


The loss of "snow" between channels opens up a new landscape of video-drek, brain junk, surreality-TV, Facebook-flotsam and YouTube-jetsam adrift on an ocean of world-wide information dispersal. As Jacob Ciocci states, "Culture is out of control, but it is ok."

Inspired by the Bruce Conner memorial exhibition running concurrently in the West Gallery, INOVA has assembled a selection of new video art for a new-era psychedelia. The exhibition features video by Jacob Ciocci, Sabine Gruffat, Shana Moulton, Sterling Ruby, Spencer Sweeney, David Witzling and Scott Wolniak.

These artists explore the psychologically numbing, sense-deadening panoply of images and information now available in all formats at all times. Some react by absorbing, countering and subverting new-media strategies, producing works that glorify the image-and-sound breakdown common to digital television. Others react by exploring the interface between personal and social neuroses, and the hyperreal medication- and therapy-induced states meant to ease the exchange between the two.

The "Psychotrope" artists employ old-school aesthetic strategies, recalling an earlier age of mind-altering substances and salt water isolation tanks, before CGI animation transformed the visual imagination into its own shadow of reality. Hand-dripped liquids, finger-clicked flashing hardware-store cliplights, digital mashups and clunky After-Effects animations combine to present a meditation on the present state, or statelessness, of the mind/body connection.