University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Sara Krajewski

(414) 229-4497

Sara Krajewski is Director of INOVA - Institute of Visual Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As Curator at the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington (2005-2012) she organized the group exhibitions The Violet Hour (2008), Viewfinder (2007), and Image Transfer: Pictures in a Remix Culture (2010) as well as solo exhibitions with artists Matthew Buckingham, Walid Raad, Liz Magor, Steven Roden, Kelly Mark, and Jeffry Mitchell. Her writing has appeared in Art on Paper, ArtUS, and other publications. Krajewski has held curatorial positions at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and the Harvard Art Museum. Her primary research interests include the relationship of photography and digital media to visual culture, and the changing nature of interdisciplinary practices in contemporary art today.