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Music BFA - Performance

Required Courses

music bfa performanceThe Department of Music studios are an essential element in the development of instrumental and vocal mastery. In these studios, students have the opportunity to work with artist-faculty, guest artists, and each other in private and master class settings. The collegial atmosphere enables our students to grow in artistry in the company of students and faculty who share their passions and commitment to the profession. Several studios (trombone, percussion, strings, woodwinds, and others) offer ensembles, which give regular performances and are integral parts of the Peck School of the Arts (PSOA) musical life.

Performance (MusPerf) refers to courses of individual, group, intermediate or advanced instruction on a musical instrument, in voice or in composition. Courses are available to students after passing a successful performance audition and are placed at an appropriate level. All courses in performance curricular studies are taken for credit to satisfy individual area requirements. All MusPerf performance courses are offered at progressive levels. A student will be advised to register at a specific level after completing an audition, and may advance to the next higher level upon successful completion of each lower level.

Performance (MusPerf) further distinguishes between courses specific to principal and non-principal performance lessons. A principal performance lesson refers to a student's primary instrument or area of concentration. A non-principal performance lesson refers to a student's secondary instrument or area of concentration as required by individual music area curricula. A prospective student must demonstrate advanced technical and artistic skills at the admission audition for a performance degree.

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Required Music Courses:

65-80 credits w/variable electives. See individual area requirements.

Principal Instrument or Voice. 16 cr. Includes four semesters of Music Performance at 3xx level and four semesters at 4xx level. Multiple woodwind majors are required to complete six semesters of Music Performance on a secondary instrument at the 1xx level and four semesters of Music Performance on a tertiary instrument at the 1xx level. The Piano Pedagogy program includes 8 credits at the 2xx level.

Lab Master Class. Up to eight semesters at 0 cr. per semester may be required or recommended as part of your individual lesson obligation.

Piano Requirement. 2-8 cr. Depending on audition results, a student may be required to enroll in MusPerf 001, Piano Fundamentals, for up to two semesters or until the student receives a final grade of B or better. See individual area requirements.

Major Ensemble. 6-8 cr. (1 cr per sem.) Students taking individual lessons must concurrently be enrolled in an approved Performance Ensemble.

Chamber Ensemble. 3-8 cr. Applies to Instrumental Curriculum only.

Music Theory and History. 32 cr. See individual area requirements or electives.

Conducting. 2-4 cr. See individual area requirements or electives.

Junior Recital. 0 cr. Supervised preparation towards full or one-half junior recital.

Senior Recital. 2 cr. Supervised preparation towards required full senior recital.

Convocation. 6 semesters. See Recital and Convocation Attendance.

Electives. 0-12 cr. See individual area requirements or electives.

Foreign language: 6-14 cr. See individual area requirements.