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Certificate in Chamber Music Performance

This certificate is designed for the instrumentalist who is admitted by audition to the Institute of Chamber Music at UW-Milwaukee. The major focus of the Institute of Chamber Music is to provide professional training experiences in the performance of chamber repertoire through well-matched chamber ensembles from duos through large chamber ensembles. The student who successfully completes 24 specified credits and the recital requirement receives a Performer's Certificate from the Institute.

Credits and Courses

Minimum certificate requirement is 24 credits. Each student follows an integrated curriculum in which all subjects are related and no course is optional.

Specific Required Courses - 12 cr
Music 806 Chamber Music Master Class, 4 cr
Music 835 Chamber Music Coaching, 8 cr

Group Recital Requirement (met at end of program)
MusPerf 855 Instrumental Master Class, 4 cr (1 cr each for 4 semesters)
MusPerf 8xx Performance (Instrument Lessons), 8 cr (2 cr each for 4 semesters)

Students in the Institute of Chamber Music are admitted for a two-year program of study. Students are either part of an existing chamber group before entrance or, when admitted, assigned to a group. If the first-year group does not continue for a second year, the student must re-audition for membership in a new or reconstituted group that is acceptable to the faculty in order to continue for a second year of study.

At the end of the first year, each student's performance is judged by the Director of the Institute in consultation with the members of the ICM advisory committee. If a student does not meet the required performance level, the student is prevented from continuing in the Institute for a second year. The student may, if acceptable to the Department graduate faculty, choose to follow another graduate program in the Department.

Thesis Recital

The recital should be given no sooner than the final semester of coursework. The student ensemble must present a program which has been approved by the Graduate Committee and by the Director of the Institute of Chamber Music.

Time Limit

The student must complete all degree or certificate requirements within four years of initial enrollment.

The Certificate in Chamber Music Performance awarded at UW-Milwaukee is subject to gainful employment regulations. For more information please visit: