University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Electro-Acoustic Music Center

The Electro-Acoustic Music Center (EAMC), founded by Jon Welstead in 1982, serves as a resource for research, education, and creative work in music technology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The EAMC facilitates a broad range of activities involving electro-acoustic music, and works in collaboration with technology-minded practitioners in the Art, Dance, Film, and Theatre departments at UWM's Peck School of the Arts.

The EAMC offers a four-semester sequence of courses in Music Technology, plus rotating special topics. These courses form an essential part of the Music Composition and Technology major, and are also a part of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology (ArtsTech) BFA program curriculum.


The EAMC maintains studios in two locations. Our teaching/undergraduate studios are located in the Music Building on-campus, while our research/graduate studios are part of Kenilworth Square East, adjacent to labs and facilities from other disciplines at the Peck School of the Arts.

The Music Building spaces include two surround production studios. Studio B40 features a reconfigurable eight-channel surround system, while Studio B50 hosts a 5.1 cinema surround system. Studio B50A is our analog synthesis studio, with an ARP 2500 modular synth (with a full array of components) and two Korg MS-20s. Studio B60 is the largest of these four spaces, suitable for teaching, rehearsals, and small performances, with a 5.1 surround sound system based on classic Klipsch cabinet speakers. All four rooms feature recent-model Macintosh work stations with a full complement of audio and video production software.

In November 2006, we inaugurated new studio spaces at the Kenilworth Square East research facility, emphasizing arts technology projects and programs. The Composition & Technology Lab provides a flexible, multipurpose space for recording, rehearsal, installation, and teaching. The Recording Control Room is one of two critical listening spaces, with excellent acoustic isolation as well as visual and cable connections to both the Composition & Technology Lab and the Guitar program's Ensemble Room. Recording performances from both of these spaces is a major application for Control Room, with other kinds of audiovisual production, editing, and mastering work also supported. Our second critical listening environment is the Audio Mastering Room, which features a 5.1 surround monitoring system.